When will I receive my HopeChest T Shirt?

By January 26, 2010 Orphan Care 3 Comments

I wanted to let you know when to expect your HopeChest T shirts in the mail. Special note: customers who received an email confirmation from Paypal that your shirts had been shipped out-  not yet, sorry for confusing you.  I was organizing things & didn’t realize it send that notice out.  We had a huge snow storm in my neck of the woods, so UPS did not deliver my first HUGE T shipment.  We will start with a bang and T shirts will start mailing out next week- 2/1 and on.  It’s just me & a few crazy friends, rolling and packing and mailing out your shirts- pray:)

We want to help save HopeChest every penny we can and order T shirts in bulk, therefore we do not have inventory.  I just called in a HUGE order today of T shirts- every order from Day 1 through today. I was told I should expect to receive the first shipment of shirts at the end of the week.  I have a crazy team of friends helping me roll, package & mail out your T’s!! Our goal is for everyone to receive their shirts BEFORE Valentine’s Day!! I will continue to call in orders in bulk through Feb. 1st. Thank you for understanding and your incredible support!

HopeChest Project New Goal:  600 for 600
The bottom line- We need to sell 600+ T shirts for the 600 orphans to receive their new pair of shoes & a new shirt. Please continue to pray that we reach our goal of 600 by Feb. 1st!!  It helps so much when you share our project with your friends via FB, Twitter, Blogs and email.  Your enthusiasm and passion for this project has been overwhelming to me, Tom Davis and HopeChest!!  You are making a special difference in the lives of orphans in Ethiopia. 

(all photos used with permission from Tom Davis and HopeChest)

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