Wednesday WOW: Look Who’s Saying Yes, Yes, Yes In Their Messes {Win Book #3}

[Winner: Kelly, you are the blessed winner today!!!! Your name was randomly selected and you won!!!! Congratulations and I hope everyone stops back here tomorrow for the 4th book giveaway! You can enter 1x a day! I’m so excited to be able to give away 5 copies this week! I personally bought 4 Rhinestone Jesus books to give them away to my blog readers! You all are a gift to me! And… I love you! xoxo]

I wanted to introduce you to a few bloggers who are all saying Yes In Their Messes. I love this amazing community of moms who are willing to put it all out there and share their struggles, pain, and joys in their blogs. I know you will be encouraged and know your small every day yes matters so much more than you think it does.

Gas, Giggles, and a God-sized YES by Jennifer A. Janes

I have begged God to show me what my God-sized YES is, what He would have me do that’s bigger than myself for the good of others and for His glory. I don’t know what I expected. Maybe I thought my husband would come to me with some idea for ministry or missions for our family. Maybe I thought God would birth a crazy dream in my heart that hadn’t been there the day before. Maybe I thought my story would look a lot like Kristen’s. It doesn’t.

Saying “Yes” May Just Make Life Downright Messy by Christy

I’d love for my story to include my saying “yes” to something much bigger and have an exciting “big” story to share.  But He’s called me to a lot of little yeses, and I honestly believe that all of those little “yes” answers still add up to something bigger beyond them.  It’s the ability to trust God more completely as the choice to say “yes” makes life a little messier.  It’s the continual stretching of the soul that in turn makes me braver because it becomes a choice I just have to keep making even when I’m weak and scared, because I know without a doubt that there just isn’t a better alternative.

Here I am, Send Me by Laura Wilkinson

You may not realize it, but this crazy diver chick that likes to throw her body off of 3 story buildings in a single bound, twist, flip and go in the water with nary a splash, craves a little action and adventure.  So when my 3 story building was taken away and there was nothing to replace it, well, I didn’t just feel lost, I was empty, confused, scared, aching, stir crazy… you get the idea.

Sometimes your yeses feel impossibly small. Other times, they feel impossibly impossible. Sometimes, you wake up one morning and don’t know how you’re going to do what you said you would do. And then you remember: You can’t. You really can’t do this. But He can. You remember that this is His project, for His glory, in His strength, by His “doing.”

Today, I’m giving away the 3rd copy of  Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly Safe Faith is No Longer Enough

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  • Pray for big, crazy, impossible dreams! God will guide you every step of the way!

I will post today’s winner in [this] post!


I want to encourage you to write your #Yes story. You can add your post here on Kristen’s blog, We are THAT Family!

Here are some post topic ideas:

  • Why your small yes matters
  • Small Yeses- What is a small yes you’ve answered that’s had a big impact?
  • How do you lead your family instead of letting it lead you?
  • Changing the world starts with ______
  • What God-sized dream are you most afraid of?
  • Moving from artificial faith to the real thing
  • What is the life you always thought you’d be living right now?
  • Here are xxx ways I’m going to start small today
  • How I woke up from the American Dream
  • I can say yes to motherhood/marriage/ministry by……

“When you don’t know where to start, #startwithyes”
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