Twitter 101 For Crazy Bloggers

I have been asking some of my favorite bloggers about adding twitter to my blog and they all unanimously said – do it! The reason we blog is to connect with other bloggers, but tweeting was completely foreign to me.  I want to thank all of you who started following me on twitter a year ago, when I had no idea how to tweet!  I’m finally on board, and had a few lessons from my son @michaelgibby1 on twitter 101.  I also love this post from friend, Michael Hyatt here on how to Twitter like a professional tweep!  Thank you, Megan Miller on your twitter tips, too.

First of all, sign up for twitter.. click on the adorable little blue bird on top of my blog.  He won’t hurt you, I promise!  Just add your name and come up with a crazy password and you’re in! You’ll quickly learn the tricks- #crazywords and you will start joining other crazy bloggers craziness!  Twitter really is fun and easy.

If you want to follow me on Twitter when I’m in Uganda you can read tweets from @karigib and @rogergib – just type in our “names” and you will be an official mission trip stalker!

Once you are tweeting, check out how to make your blog posts permalinks tiny to add on your tweets.  Check out and also, Tweet Deck.

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