Tom Davis’ Priceless Book + Coffee {GIVEAWAY}


  1. Kate Gosling 6/15
  2. Suzane 6/16
  3. Linda Faulkner 6/17
  4. Eunice b 6/17
  5. Donna C 6/16
  6. Patty 6/16
  7. Leigh Littlefield 6/15
  8. Kimberly 6/16
  9. Joni Sweet 6/17
  10. Carmen Drunckeniller 6/15

Winners, email me your mailing addresses to send you Priceless and coffee with a cause!!  Please add WINNER in the subject line.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and support to stop this atrocity around the world.  We can all partner with Tom Davis and make a difference in the life of an orphan.

My Crazy Readers,  I’m throwing a big GIVEAWAY party this week for Tom Davis’ book Priceless!  I’m crazy about this book and I want you to join the craziness too!  I have 10 prizes for you to win.  10 Priceless books + 10 bags of Saint’s Coffee!!

Priceless3DI will pick 10 winners!!  Priceless is not just another great novel, it’s a novel with a priceless purpose.  You can check out to learn more about advocating for orphan girls in Russia and all over the world.  Your purchase of a Priceless book will help support Tom Davis and HopeChest’s ministry as they work fervently to eliminate sex-trafficking and exploitation of orphans.

A special word from Tom Davis- “Every single person can do one thing to help kids caught in trafficking. Making a commitment to pray is a huge thing because nobody prays for these girls. The key is to get educated then get involved. This is one of the darkest forms of evil in our world, but it’s where our light shines the brightest!”

How do you enter the Priceless + Coffee Giveaway?

You Pick 1, 2, or 3… or pick all 3!!  You get an entry for each pick you choose.

  1. Copy and paste one or both of the 2 buttons Tom gave me on your blogs or websites- She Is Priceless and Saint’s Coffee.
  2. Shout out the Priceless giveaway on your blogs, FB, or email blasts.  Ping away!
  3. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments your name, email, or blog URL.   You have my permission to use the photography and videos used in this post to promote on your blogs!!  They make a powerful statement for your readers.

I don’t have a blog… can I still enter?

Noooo worries, if you don’t have a blog or website, just leave me a comment and share with me why you want to win the book and coffee.

What do you win?

I will randomly select 10 winners who will receive 1 Priceless book and 1 bag of Saint’s Coffee!!!!!!!!   I will end the contest when we reach over 100 comments or more by the end of the week. I want to create a big crazy buzz for Priceless!!  Will you help me?  Let’s make a difference in an orphan’s life today!

Giveaway Buttons to copy & paste on your blogs:

(if you are having any problems with the 2 buttons just copy them off the right side column of my blog)


A stunning collection of photography from Tom Davis’ trip to Moldova and Russia this year:

Tom Davis with Priceless girls!! (notice their necklaces you helped sponsor!!) ” The girls are from our young mother’s program in Russia. Some of them have been rescued, but for most, our programs have helped to prevent them from getting caught. See and”  Tom Davis

She is Priceless!!

This is a hot spot in Kostroma for sex traffikers to lure their victims into slavery.

Tom Davis told me that these men are traffickers sitting behind him at the cafe.  So sick and disturbing the darkness right out in plain view blatantly sex trafficking priceless girls in Russia.

Feel Informed….

Check out these ministries in Moldova- Home of Hope and Beginning of Life are in it for the long haul.

Moldova Trafficking Stats

1. The majority of women and girls that are trafficked come from rural areas. Over 10 percent are under 18 years old, some as young as 12 years old. Traffickers recruit women and girls through different strategies.

2. Direct contact, when women and girls, or their families, are approached by traffickers. The traffickers are often women from the same village who have previously worked as prostitutes or have been trafficked abroad and became traffickers. The family is often paid money in advance and the woman or girl is expected to earn the advance and pay back the family’s debts.

3.Advertisements are placed in the press, offering jobs abroad. The advertisements directed at young women offer jobs as waitresses or house help, but more often bluntly state that the jobs are for those willing to work in the sex industry.

4. Tourist agencies offer full migration services from arranging passports and Schengen visas to transportation and work contracts. There are more than 3,000 tourist agencies, of which only some 140 have an official license to operate.

5. Job agencies. Out of a total of 100 job agencies, only fourteen have official licenses and these mostly hire men for construction work. Only three agencies offer jobs to women as waitresses and nurses. Others offer illegal work. Some of these enterprises are run by organised crime groups and operate as covers for trafficking.

We are wearing Simply Love Moldova T shirts.

Congrats to the Shaver Family who are in the process of adopting a little girl from Moldova!!  You can help support this family buying a shirt at their blog.

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