The Ripple Effect – 1 More Missions Surprise!!

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God chose 3 people to go on the Ethiopia Missions Trip in February 2011!!  I have nooo idea how God picked the 3 blessed winners, but He is perfect in His ways!!  This was a God ordained miracle!!  I believe this is a divine appointment for …

Bridget Bowen

Randi Shetley

Lori Smith

“Oh, my goodness….where to start? This is SUCH a celebration in a long journey of God changing me and refining me and getting me to surrender to Him. I am so at peace with the craziness we are considering as a family right now. Carolyn knows our story. Adoption, disruption, a constant & confusing tug on my heart to go back….riddled with closed doors. We surrendered the dirt of our lives to God and He has been faithful to plant beautiful perennials there….they just keep blooming and come back bigger, stronger and more gorgeous each time. YOU have blessed me by YOUR faithfulness. I am so! There is no where I want to be except smack dab in the middle of God’s out of this world plan for my life!” (Lori 11/2)

We also randomly selected, at Visiting Orphans Ministry, 3 alternate winners.  Just in case, for any reason they can not travel with our team on the missions trip in February- an alternate will go in their place.  We will contact you in the order you are listed below.

  1. Shonna Andrews (Montrose, PA)
  2. Julie Briggs (Colorado Springs, CO)
  3. Jill Wald (Ankeny, IA)

You can watch the amazing “Winner’s Video” and laugh, cry, and cheer for the winners!!!  My hubby’s surprised look is my all time favorite- I have never seen him sooooo shocked.  I think he could have stuffed a watermelon in there:))


The ripple effect has already started!!  If you are interested in going …


in the world

on a Visiting Orphans missions trip….

Open your hearts to serve, minister, play, comfort, and love orphans!!

El Salvador, Costa Rica, Haiti, Ecuador, Honduras, China, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, India (new in 2011), Ukraine (new in 2011)

I’m so ecstatic to share this with you.  On the video tape, I mentioned a special donation gift of $5000 to be used for missions scholarships.  We were able to give away a 3rd trip to Ethiopia, but also donate a 4th trip to Visiting Orphans Ministry.  What is so unique about this amazing project, you can join ANY mission trip with Visiting Orphans Ministry!!!!  This is a God ordained opportunity for another person to go and serve and love.  I have challenged you for weeks to open your heart and do it afraid.  Visiting Orphans is starting today their very first ever Missions Trip Project.

Please join us praying for Visiting Orphans and the thousands of orphans they serve everyday!!  Help us spread the word on your blogs, FB, Tweets and email blasts!!  I don’t want anyone to miss out on this incredible opportunity!!

I want to know, in the comments, where you will go if you win the Visiting Orphans Project and why?


If you are ready to go and serve on a missions trip, please head to Visiting Orphans website and sign up for your trip today.  We are all called to simply love.  Let’s together fill up every trip to the maximum capacity!!

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