Why Do We Pray for People Who Don’t Deserve Our Prayers?

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I decided not to publish my scheduled post today, but instead talk to you about something heavy on my heart. The past 48 hours our community has been grieving the loss of beautiful 10 year old Hailey Owens who was abducted walking to a friend’s house. Every time the Amber alert went off it pierced our hearts and we prayed she would be found… alive and unharmed. There are no words to express our heartache for the Owens family. Anyone and everyone needs salvation.

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The last day of an extraordinary life

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Have you ever had an experience that flat-out changed your life? Looking back over past posts I wrote during the fourteen months on our mission adventure, I came across this personal favorite, the story about Sisay, who changed my life. I have often wondered what it would be like walking back in old testament times and witnessing the miracles of Jesus. One of my favorite bible stories is the healing of the lepers when only one came back to thank Jesus.

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