A Match Made In Heaven

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I thought the time was right to reflect on the perfect nature of our living God.  Last year for Mother’s Day, I celebrated with my husband and two wonderful boys.  Actually, my wonderful husband took care of our boisterous boys so that mama could have…

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What Do You Really Want?

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I want to continue to go crazy big for you as a mom blogger and advocate for adoption and orphan care. Thank you for helping me grow, even if I have gained 10 pounds blogging for you every week! It was YOU who helped raise over $60,000 last year for…

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Zoie’s Crossroad Miracle

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I waited to share my final blessing of the mission trip, because I’m still processing the miracle God orchestrated for Roger and me.  The desire to meet Zoie’s birthmother has never diminished in our hearts and we knew being in Ethiopia together, we would make every effort to reunite.  It…

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Guest: Guided Steps

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Imagine with me for a moment…you have traveled a long way, you have had a long journey, little sleep and no one understands. You have been on this journey for what feels like an eternity.  You are tired and weary and emotionally exhausted but you know that you are following…

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Mommy + Daughter Getaway

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I was so thrilled to take my two daughters on a getaway to Sanibel, FL a week after I returned home from Africa.  I missed them so much and it was a great way to reconnect, especially with my teenager.  I will admit, going to Sanibel in late August was…

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