Moving, Ice Storms, and A Happy New Year Word

By | Everyday Life, Parenting | 6 Comments

Our family has been living out-loud our new year adventures starting off with big amounts of craziness. There is nothing fun about moving (in my opinion) but moving into a new home in a snow and ice storm has made the past month crazy! Join me for a NEW year of blogging and celebrating life together focusing on real-life issues with building a healthy marriage, growing happy and healthy children, cooking healthy (gluten free), letting go of expectations and experiencing real joy, as well as finding new projects together that are making a big difference in our world …

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What the heck is a I-600A?

By | Adoption | 2 Comments

Warning: You will become a mailman stalker waiting for your I-600A form to arrive from USCIS.  It’s the luck of the draw on the timing of these little buggers.  The poor mailman has nothing to do with how fast or slow it is delivered to your mailbox!  You will need…

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