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How to Do It Solo (And Not Lose Your Mind)

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For the past 10 days, R has been on an extended business trip. Basically, he stuck two trips together with visiting our son at college in the middle. He’s done a great job calling every day, sending foodie photos of the delicious meals he’s consuming at a variety of amazing restaurants, filling me in on work stuff (making sure I know he’s working hard), late night FaceTime dates just so I can see his handsome face, and lots of “hang in there” love texts. But, I’m not very good at doing it solo.

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Zoie Is A Bottleholic

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You ask … what is a bottleholic? Well, it’s a child who is addicted to her bottle after the weaning years are long gone. Don’t judge me, but yes, we still give Zoie a bottle of milk for a good-night nip and snuggling in the morning. It’s hard to explain,…

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Mom VS. Princess TNT

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We are going through major TNT with our 2 year old… mom’s unite- I want to hear from you!! Princess Z can throw a temper tantrum like a keg of dynomite with a pink bow. It can be startling, when the fuse blows and we missed the vital […]

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Bring Your Drama To Your Momma

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I’m dedicating this week of blogging to crazy mommyhood and I would love for you to participate in sharing your advice & stories, too. One of the things I love saying to my 3 kids is, “Bring your drama to your momma.” I always want them to feel safe to come to me when they have had a crazy day (there’s no such thing as a bad […]

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