Orphan Care

Do it afriad

By | Mission-Hearted | 5 Comments

I’m a big chicken.  I really am.  For years, I allowed fear to paralyze me from doing what God wanted me to do in my life.  I’m confessing this right off, so you know that my heart understands about being afraid.  I’m not here to preach at you, but to…

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Adoption 101: Ethiopia Adoption Program

By | Adoption | 2 Comments

Survey for U.S. Adoption Service Providers Placing Children from Ethiopia The number of adoptions and the number of service providers in Ethiopia has greatly increased in the last few years, and uncertainty about existing laws and inconsistent policy among various agencies has caused confusion within the adoption community. Ethica receives…

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Say Hi To My Niece Annie

By | Adoption | 3 Comments

Did you know my niece comes home soon from China?! Aunti Kiki is ecstatic to say the least!! Annie’s story has been an adoption miracle from A to Z… I can’t wait to share her with my crazy bloggy friends this summer. In fact, my brother and his family have had…

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