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#TBT Alexie’s Story: How I Survived Being Sold for Sex Trafficking

By | Mission-Hearted, My Life Is Crazy Too | 2 Comments

My name is Alexie. My family sold me for sex trafficking, I endured severe sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, neglect, and abandonment by my own family. My family often took me to hotels and would sell me to people for sex. I was forced into pornography at a young age and the abuse happened by several family members on a weekly and often daily basis. This is my story …

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{Missions} Guest: Living radical obedience in Mozambique

By | Adoption, Mission-Hearted, My Life Is Crazy Too | 3 Comments

Catarina. The sweet baby girl who got me. The little girl who made orphans in Africa my problem, too. I had floated by my 21 years knowing about the “orphan problem” but also knowing that I, in my smallness, could really do nothing about it. It took a lot of arguing (on my part), before I finally decided to obey, and answer the call God had put in my heart years before.

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