Why Korah Project 61?

By | Mission-Hearted | 7 Comments

I stood on my balcony last night, and smelled the African air. Since moving to Ethiopia in June, life has been very busy. I had grown used to the smell and forgotten how very much I love it. The smell reminded of what brought me here in the first place. Looking back, I realize that my journey really began over 20 years ago- Sumer Yates [read more]

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Mom VS. Princess TNT

By | Parenting | 5 Comments

We are going through major TNT with our 2 year old… mom’s unite- I want to hear from you!! Princess Z can throw a temper tantrum like a keg of dynomite with a pink bow. It can be startling, when the fuse blows and we missed the vital […]

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Adoption 101: Joy Opportunity Lost

By | Adoption | 3 Comments

This week, will be dedicated to adoption.  Roger and I tackle a few of our favorite adoption topics on video.  Each video segment- Adoption Life LIVE will cover some of the struggles, challenges and joys we have experienced the past two years having Zoie in our family.  Adoption is crazy…

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