Pirates Dig A Well in Ethiopia

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The Pirates have teamed up with Julie and Rob Neal’s Dig Deep Project and A Glimmer of Hope and are working hard to raise $10,000 or more as a school to bring fresh, clean water to Chuko Weyama, Ethiopia!! Purchase Dig Deep products and get entered to win a trip for two (husband and wife) to Gary Smalley’s incredible retreat for couples, “Guarding Your Child’s Heart” at the beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle!

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It Began With Bale

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I watched this video- It Began with Bale and I knew I had to know more about the family who adopted this precious little miracle girl, Bale.  The Wahlberg family’s adoption story is truly remarkable and miraculous- a story only God could write.

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Crazy Twietmeyer Family

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I raced to Target this morning to buy hot off the press People Magazine!!!! I ripped through the pages and found what I was looking for… a 5 PAGE SPREAD about the Twietmeyer family (Kiel & Carolyn and their 13 amazing children) It was a little embarrassing blubbering through the…

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Do You Love Justin Bieber?

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I confess… I really do like Justin Bieber.  My freshly new 14 year old daughter is madly in love with the JB, so to survive the Bieber craziness, music, videos, magazines, posters, YouTubes and LIVE concerts, I had to join the club.  At first, I had no idea that the…

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