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Adoption 101: 4 Keys to Healthy Attachment

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What is attachment and why is it so important? Simple definition: Attachment is a relationship. July 7, 2008, Zoie was so sick when we first met her that she immediately attached to us for survival. All her needs were being taken care of and by the time we left Ethiopia, she was thriving. We are a very affectionate family and Zoie fit right in with hugs, kisses and joy. The only thing missing for me was the special time I remember having when I fed and rocked my babies at night. It’s an intense bonding experience. From the beginning, Zoie would allow me hold her, rock her, and feed her, but there was something missing. I would hold her tight to me and she would slightly push me away.

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What the heck is a I-600A?

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Warning: You will become a mailman stalker waiting for your I-600A form to arrive from USCIS.  It’s the luck of the draw on the timing of these little buggers.  The poor mailman has nothing to do with how fast or slow it is delivered to your mailbox!  You will need…

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Adoption Guest: The Journey

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We bounce over rough bare ground that our driver convinces us are actually roads.  Now at a slower pace the crowds of people actually start to notice this large vehicle bounding along.  I catch the eye of a young boy playing with a hoop and stick.  Yes, running along pushing…

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Adoption 101: Ethiopia Adoption Program

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Survey for U.S. Adoption Service Providers Placing Children from Ethiopia The number of adoptions and the number of service providers in Ethiopia has greatly increased in the last few years, and uncertainty about existing laws and inconsistent policy among various agencies has caused confusion within the adoption community. Ethica receives…

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Adoption 101: Joy Opportunity Lost

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This week, will be dedicated to adoption.  Roger and I tackle a few of our favorite adoption topics on video.  Each video segment- Adoption Life LIVE will cover some of the struggles, challenges and joys we have experienced the past two years having Zoie in our family.  Adoption is crazy…

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This was my very 1st April Fool’s joke!! Sorry for making some of you have a bloggy heart attack!!
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