Simply Love Will Make A Difference for Child Slaves

The Story of a Child Slave. When I stayed at Haiti Home of Hope (HHH) there was one little boy that captured my heart the second I met him. His name is Wiskindly and he was a former child slave. Both his parents died and he was sent to live with his uncle and aunt, but worked as their slave in Pignon. He was abused and broken … somehow finding his way to the clinic at HHH with his slave owners. Jennifer told me when she saw Wiskindly’s eyes filled with fear, it brought her to tears.

She knew immediately that this little boy needed to be rescued. He was 6 years old, but only weighed about 20 pounds. Jennifer had to decide if she was going to put him on the program, and make him a stronger slave; or not put him on and he would likely starve to death. During the next few weeks, the uncle brought him back for treatment for exhaustion and sickness, not understanding the Campbells had a special plan for him. “What we ended up doing was eventually convincing the uncle that little Wiskindly would never make a good slave, he was too small and weak. That he should just give him to us.” They finally gave up the boy and Wiskindly had a new home. It’s been challenging for the Campbells to help him through the healing process, but with hope and love and miracles, God will restore Wiskindly’s heart again!!!

Your purchase of a Simply Love tee will make a difference in the life of Wiskinley and the other precious children living at HHH – providing food, clothing, and medical care for the community of Pignon- especially on clinic day!!

Here are a few of the projects Haiti Home of Hope are working on:

  • Mother’s milk [formula] and clinic program
  • Building project for mother/baby safehouse
  • A brand new home for a family of 4 living in Pignon
  • 37 orphans permanently living at Haiti Home of Hope orphanage- Food, clothing, and medical care
  • Helping Pastor Clebert expand his church building

 Jennifer Campbell shares more about Haiti Home of Hope:

HHH was founded by Webb Chenault. He had a vision of opening an children’s home one day. He purchased the land, built a mission house and a boys home, and then began looking for a family to come in and open it up. God called Bill and I, and our son Jesse, and in January 2003 we moved to Pignon, Haiti.  In August, 2003 we opened the boys home, and later opened a girls home. We now have 37 boys and girls, ages 3 years old to 19 years old. We have 23 employees. These are cooks, wash ladies, guards, yard guys, etc. We have been sent out from Red Bridge Baptist Church in Kansas City, the sending board who supports our ministry.

Most of our children were in bad shape when they arrived at HHH, many were close to dying from starvation. About half of them were infants when they came to HHH, the youngest being 4 days old. They are now healthy, attending church in town and a local Christian school. We have some special needs, some with learning disabilities and some with physical challenges.
We have never done child sponsorship, because we are such a small organization. I think we would be overwhelmed with too many sponsors and too few kids.

In addition to the orphanage, we run a feeding clinic  and milk program. The feeding clinic is for malnourished children from 1 year old to about 8 years old. They come in every two weeks, are weighed and evaluated. We address any needs, medical or otherwise, and give them food and supplements to take with them. We have around 50 kids on this program.
The milk program is for babies whose moms have died. Occasionally we help a mom with HIV with formula for her baby. The babies are weighed each time they come in, to ensure that they are receiving the formula. We give them a two week supply of powdered baby formula. We try to keep under 20 babies for this program.

The great thing about these programs is that it keeps the kids with their families, which is always our first plan. After we put them on the program, we can then closely monitor their situations. We are always on the lookout for restaveks, child slaves. We have several children at HHH who were slaves, or possibly getting ready to be ‘sold’ as a slave, that we were able to rescue.

We love our clinic families, and do what we can to help them, when funds allow. We always share the Gospel with them, and have seen a number of families leave voodoo and come to Christ.

If you are new to My Crazy Adoption … welcome to my crazy blog!! Tom Davis and I are GIVING AWAY a FREE mission trip with HopeChest Ministry. You even get to pick the trip! This is our 2nd project together and we are simply thrilled to not only give away a mission trip [value $3000] but help two very special projects with your purchase of a Simply Love and Man Up tee shirt.

When you purchase a Simply Love tee, your donations will support Haiti Home of Hope (HHH) Orphanage in Pignon, Haiti. I visited HHH last month with an amazing team and saw with our eyes the difference your help can make in Haiti. The 37 children living at the orphanage are loved big with the care of Bill and Jennifer Campbell for the past 8 years.

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