Simply Love + Tom Davis Children’s HopeChest Project

In 24 hours, you will have the chance to join the craziness to WIN a Children’s HopeChest mission trip + support two special projects simply with the purchase of a tee shirt. We are SO EXCITED to kick off on March 5th the Simply Love – Man Up projects partnering with Tom Davis and his amazing ministry. Take a teaser peek here at the store. Simply Love tees will fund Pignon, Haiti Home of Hope projects and Man Up tees will fund the Moldova “Beginning of Life” project!! 1 tee = 1 entry to win the CHC mission trip, but most importantly …. your donations will help support life-changing projects in Haiti and Moldova that will make a difference in a big, crazy way!

Stop by here in the morning and let’s kick off our project with a bang! I know YOU can do it!!!! Soooo … what do you think about my new project with Tom Davis? I want to know in the comments!


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