Shirts For Shoes – Measuring little feet + Pics

Thank you for helping these precious orphans in Ethiopia receive NEW SHOES. The vision trip with Tom Davis and HopeChest is scheduled in April.  I wish like crazy I could join the team, but I will be cheering for the children from home- waiting to see photos and video of the shoe delivery!  We have more photos coming from orphanages in Ethiopia!  Here are a few of the orphans at Kind Hearts receiving shoes from our Valentine’s Day project.


Last week, ALL 68 kids at Kind Hearts were measured for NEW SHOES!! Not the flimsy, plastic or rubber shoes they usually wear … but quality leather shoes with laces and rugged soles, to last a long time and protect little feet. The photos below were taken last week at Kind Hearts. The kids feet are being measured with an old-fashioned, wooden shoe sizing device. In a few weeks, their new shoes will arrive and I will post pictures here.

These children are seeing the tangible results of your love, prayers and concern! It is amazing to see the difference in these kids since I was there in December and they were about to close down the school for lack of funding. The children were lethargic and weak with hunger and were only being fed ONE TIME EACH WEEK at Kind Hearts.

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