Roger Shares: Prayer is THE Game Changer

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I was invited by the Christian Alliance for Orphans to participate at Summit 9 conference. I would be joining two NFL football players, NASCAR chaplain and a director of an orphan ministry in a breakout session called, “It’s Time to Man Up for the Fatherless.” The session was designed for the beginning of the program to feature each of us for five minutes to share little bit of our heart for orphan care and then the rest of the time would be question and answer with the audience. As each person shared their story, I could see the boldness and courage they had to Man Up and love the fatherless. Each man saw a problem and they wanted to be a part of the solution.

Roger Gibson preaching in Ethiopia

For me, my story was not one that started with courage or boldness, but FAILURE. I was a dad who could not stand up for his daughter when she needed him the most. As her dad, it was my time to step up for the battle; instead I cowered away from the fight. This dad tapped out!

The battle of life and death. It’s not a physical fight that can be taken care of in a ring, or a cage, or anywhere here on earth. The battleground is spiritual! Angels versus demons. The place where light and darkness come clashing violently against each other for the very souls of people. The battle scene would even cause the fearsome gladiator Spartacus to cover his eyes in fear.  The battlefront for orphans is not limited to our roles here on planet earth; rather our primary duty in this war as advocates for the fatherless is, PRAYER.

The co-author of When Helping Hurts Brian Fikkert shared at Summit 9 and he said something really simple and profound, “God changes lives, we don’t!” When I recognized that I couldn’t do a single thing to save Zoie’s life I lost sight of hope. If I couldn’t get it done, who else could? How many times do we forget, I forget? The battle is not ours to fight. Every time we decide to take the lead in the battle of life, we will lose. Rather, let’s take the lead in PRAYING.

Prayer changes everything! It did for me. Family and friends stepped up to continue the battle through prayer as I was knocked down to the floor. Within 24 hours God renewed my heart, put me back on my feet, and restored Zoie’s health. For me, it was a miracle.

That’s what the orphan care movement needs today … a miracle! God changes lives. I believe.

“The greatest tragedy in life is the prayers that go unanswered because they go unasked.” Mark Batterson, Author of The Circle Maker

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