I caught a real LIVE Terrible Temper Tantrum

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Many months ago I posted a few pics of Zoie having her “first” temper tantrums.  I’m the mom of 3, so I’ve had lots of practice dealing with these crazy, hair-raising episodes.  Zoie is now 22 months old and has started perfecting her tantrums.  She has her screaming fits down to the tee when she hears the word no, but really wants to hear yes.  She started in the past few days, throwing her chubby body down in the middle of Target, but eases her back and head in slow motion so she won’t hurt her self. Temper Tantrums are no funny business.  It’s been a long time since my 2 oldest have thrown a tizzy over a broken crayon or juice not being poured fast enough.  Hubby and I work hard on remaining calm and refocusing the bursts of rage to something fun or interesting.

I have to admit, the temper training all comes back (slowly, hey I’m 42) but it’s reassuring to know that no matter where our children are born… biologically or through adoption, they all express anger in extraordinary ways.  Wanting our own way, on our own terms is a universal display of emotions.  My biggest struggle right now, is redirecting her slapping.  Zoie shocked me when she started slapping her own face when she got super baby angry. (see Flip below-its a mild version, but you can see the change) I immediately let her know that was not OK!  In fact, now when she slaps her face… I say calmly, “No hit Zoie! We give Zoie loves!”  I showed her how to kiss her hands.  She has been giving her hands lots of kisses and hugs.  It’s working!!  Now when she wants to slap her face, she ends up giving hand kisses.  I think we are very close to bringing up the “time out” chair from the basement.  It’s a little dusty, but the chair is still in good condition (16 years old!) We let the kids paint and decorate the chair, so it will be a special and challenging teaching tool for Princess Zoie and her Temper Tantrums.  I can’t believe I actually “caught” her in the action. Enjoy my craziness.

I love learning from my bloggy readers, so any advice on taming tantrums would help this mom out.

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