There is no tooth fairy in Uganda

I wanted to introduce you to a very special ministry called Sixty Feet… sharing a few stories from my mission trip that changed my life.  It’s hard to comprehend that children living in Uganda who are orphaned, lost, abandoned, rejected are sent to prison, but it’s the truth of their existence.  I’m still trying to process the things I witnessed at the prisons we visited [code names] M1, M3 and M4.  I hope you will join me in praying for the imprisoned children who desperately need God’s miracles in their lives. I saw what I saw.

This is my personal journal entry for June 3rd ….

I wanted to share with you my special happy today at M1. I’ve been praying that God will give me a blessing to wrap my heart around each day. Today, I was holding a little girl- maybe 5 years old. She was so tiny and really dirty. I held her close and the smell was so overpowering. I asked God to immediately make her smell sweet and I wrapped my arms around her even tighter. She is living in M1 as a lost child. She is Karamonjong. The least of the least in Uganda. She had her fingers in her mouth and I noticed she pulled something out…. it was a tooth!! The VERY first thing I wanted to say was… ohhh sweetie, the tooth fairy will get to come see you tonight. It hit my heart so hard- there would be no tooth fairy or dollar bill under her pillow tonight. It just broke my heart.

This precious little girl threw her tooth on the floor and thought nothing special about it. I held her close and prayed a mommy prayer over her that God would give her a mom and dad.. a family someday that would celebrate all the little things like losing a tooth. I pray that she knew how much I loved her and wishing I could sneak in her room tonight and put money under her pillow. The reality, she has no bed, no pillow… she lives in a prison- just existing.

Sixty Feet is making such a difference in the lives of each child living at M1. I can’t wait to share more about this AMAZING ministry here in Uganda!!

Thank you for praying for our team and covering us with your support and encouragement. We are seeing things that we should NEVER have to see- conditions that are out of our control, but now that we see with our eyes can make a real difference. We visited orphans today and received the blessing of LOVE!!

You can sponsor any of the Imprisoned kids through Sixty Feet’s website!!! We visit M3 and M4 prisons tomm.

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