My Road Trip To Tennessee (Today!)

By October 29, 2010 Mission-Hearted 2 Comments

It was all worth it!!  The hours and hours and hours it took to launch the Missions Trip Project… it was soooo worth it.  Projects are crazy challengingly wonderful, but it takes a team to pull it off successfully.  I want to first of all thank YOU for being my bloggy friend and all the prayers, effort, shopping, and energy you gave to my missions project.  I read every comment and email you sent me the past three weeks.  I had days where I felt really weary and a note from you gave me a zap to keep going.  I’m sure you drove your FB friends crazy (literally) sharing simply love mission tees with a frenzy!!  You helped me sell 575 tees and every penny will bless the projects and orphans in Ethiopia!!  Thank you for being my cheerleaders (guys too!)  I can’t believe the dream I had in August really came true.  Remember this….

I fell asleep on the couch with Lion King blasting in the background and had a sweet, wild, crazy dream. I woke up literally smiling saying, “OK, Lord… I will do this if if if you help me!!” I dreamed vividly of a CRAZY project on my blog from start to finish.  I didn’t actually see the “winner’s” face, but the prize was something so incredible and dear to my heart!! I dreamed hundreds of bloggers participated and the anticipation of the drawing was massive in blog land. Everyone wanted to be a part of a movement to simply love.

I want to thank Heidi Rohr for designing 4 beautiful new designs for Simply Love!!!  We spent hours working together on the artwork, but you went above and beyond the call of duty… 20 hours of graphic designing the perfect funky tees!!!  You poured your energy, talents, gifts and passions into my project.  I love you lil sis!!

We are taking a road trip today (Carrie, too) and heading to Tennessee to visit the incredible ministry- Visiting Orphans. Amanda Lawrence is hosting an unique, special get together and we are thrilled to join the team!!  We have an Africa leadership weekend to train, celebrate and grow as missions leaders.

On Saturday, I will tape the two winners with all the VO leaders present as witnesses!!!  I will post the Vlog (bloggy video) on My Crazy Adoption Blog on Tuesday, November 2nd at 9:00AM!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to see who God has picked to travel with me and the Visiting Orphans team in February 2011 …. Ethiopia here we come!!  It’s going to be the adventure of your life!!

Special Note:  The Blog Store is officially closed at this time.  I will not be able to sell any Simply Love tees until further notice (I have to hire a rolling, stuffing, and mailing staff:)  Thank you for your understanding.

Q- When will I receive my tee shirts in the mail? – click here to read details

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