My Road Trip To Chicago And The Top Crazy Highlights

The past week was packed full of so many crazy moments, I’m going to have to hit the pause button and rewind all the way back seven days to start from the beginning. Don’t you just love when you have a great week and can’t wait to share it with your friends…You!

First of all, y’all it was a blast throwing a book party for you! Congratulations to all five winners of the book, Rhinestone Jesus. I listed each winner on each day you entered. Please send me your mailing address and I’ll pop your books in the mail. I honestly have never seen so much buzz and excitement over a new book and so proud of my friend, Kristen Welch for all her tireless work behind the scenes! Way to go girl!

We packed the kids in the van and headed to Chicago for a six-day family road trip. Roger and I were invited to share our mission-adoption-orphan-care story at the Summit 10 CAFO2014 conference! I had butterflies for weeks. I tried to convince myself it was silly being so nervous, but I just couldn’t help it. Facing an audience of world changers is intimidating! Seriously, all-in-one-place, crazy-fun people on a global God-adventure! These are my kind of people! The entire event and speakers were fantastic! Don’t miss Summit 11 next year!

It was absolutely amazing meeting so many of the ministries I promote right here on my blog in real life. My goal was to visit every single booth and just be an encouragement! There were dozens of booths and NEW tee shirts to buy (I’m set for the next 10 years) and fellowship with new and old friends. My heart is full. After hearing Karyn Purvis share her One Big Idea, I leaned over and asked her if we could take a selfie! She wrote my favorite adoption book, The Connected Child.

Kari Gibson

We had the honor of sharing with my dad on the single most important key to any child’s heart. My butterflies fluttered away as soon I saw the (packed-out) room of faces with the same motivation that I had being there… loving big! It was so much fun doing this together with my hubby! He’s a gifted speaker, and I enjoyed hearing what he had to say almost as much as being up there on the stage with him.

Kari and Roger Gibson

We spent our free day with the kids downtown Chicago and eating way too much food. We tackled the Big Bowl, Garrett popcorn, American Girl Place and tea party, water-taxi architecture tour, deep dish pizza, and walking up and down Michigan Ave. It’s challenging satisfying three kids ages 20, 17, and 6… but everyone got to do something on their list!

Kari Gibson

photo 2-2  photo 2

photo 1-2

Both my mom and dad joined us in Chicago and we loved our time together! We spent a few hours driving around our old stomping ground. I grew up in Hinsdale and we tried hard not to torture the kids too much visiting my favorite places. They were troopers and endured me taking too many photos. My mom used to put me on the back and my little brother on the front of her bike and peddle to the train station for ice cream. I can barely peddle myself! I was sad to see the old ice cream shop gone, but happy to see a new coffee shop there instead. They made a delicious mocha!

photo 2-3

photo 1-3

On the way home, we met Becky, an Austrailian Labradoodle breeder who had eight puppies and four adult dogs for us to love on. We have been researching the best family dog and I think we found our dream come true! The best part, she shared with us that she loves the Lord and was going through a very painful season, so as a family we were able to pray over her. I love those God ordained moments to love big!

photo 3

What is your favorite place to visit on a road trip? 

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