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Did you know my niece comes home soon from China?! Aunti Kiki is ecstatic to say the least!! Annie’s story has been an adoption miracle from A to Z… I can’t wait to share her with my crazy bloggy friends this summer. In fact, my brother and his family have had a special “Skype date” every Monday night with their new daughter the past several months!  Can you imagine the bonding they have been able to accomplish with Annie!  She has been able to see her new home, new room, new yard, new toys, new siblings and new cat before coming home.

She has grown up only knowing love from the staff and nannys.  Her home has been a little piece of heaven in China. Please take a peek at New Day Foster Home... most of the children living there have special needs and need forever families!  With permission from her new mommy (my sis-in-law) I’m posting a cute video & clip from New Day blog.

The Tornado

“Annie never goes someplace slowly. She’s always in a race – spinning, whirling, and running full force like a tornado. Everyone’s always reaching out to catch her, anticipating falls at every turn. But she rarely takes a tumble, and when she does, she stands up, brushes off, and keeps running! We love her fearless spirit; she’s had it since she was a tiny toddler and we don’t think she’s growing out of it anytime soon!” (New Day Foster Home)

So, we are all anticipating her arrival, but her life has already impacted so many people in China, as well as her precious “sponsors” that have provided for her needs (and fun stuff too.)  For everyone that has had a special part in Annie’s life the past 3 years… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  There have been hundreds of volunteers that have played, fed, loved and rocked Annie during her time at New Day.  How can we ever thank you for taking the time to love a little “tornado” who God hand-picked to be a part of my family!!  Zoie and Annie will have each other forever to lean on when life gets crazy, but God planned that miracle a long time ago.  Africa & China grew in our hearts and we are blessed!

The Tornado from Carrie McKean on Vimeo.

If you would like to help support Annie- she has some pending surgeries when she comes home, please purchase a T shirt!  They are a beautiful design and you can pray for Annie every time you wear the shirt.  Click HERE to order.

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