My Korah Sleepover at P61 Shelter

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Do you remember your favorite sleepover?  I have never been a big fan of sleepovers- I like sleeping in my own bed.  Well, I have changed my mind and can’t wait to have another sleepover party at Korah in February 2011.  This was an out of the box adventure that all started when I heard Sumer share about the amazing shelter for children in Kore that need a safe place to sleep at night.  This is a little house of love made for children who used to sleep on the dump.  I casually asked Sumer if my team could sleep there for the night too.  She was thrilled to help us plan a crazy sleepover party at Korah.  The only problem- due to space issues, we had to pick 6 out of our team of 30.  The extraordinary team was amazing and soon had 6 packed up to go.

I had nooo intention of sleeping over, but wanted to go for the party.  I told my team I would tuck them in bed and head back to the Guest House with Sumer.  It was dark when we arrived and the kids were ecstatic to have us all there.  We had 4 mattresses and our over night bags.  They popped popcorn and had delicious hand ground coffee waiting for us.  They added little chocolate cookies on top of the popcorn as decoration.  I was a mess!!!  I was overwhelmed with love for Project 61 and the 14 precious kids who slept at the shelter.  Their stories were heart wrenching to hear.  The abuse and horrors they had to deal with sleeping on the dump broke my heart.  I asked my two boys- What is the scariest thing about sleeping out on the dump?  They both told me it was the hyenas that hunted at night.  How can I possibly wrap my brain around that kind of fear.  I held the boys close to me- to protect them and knew I would be spending the night at the Korah Shelter!!

I snuggled up with my new friends and watched a movie, munching on popcorn.  It was surreal.

I will never forget the time I spent with my team and friends from Korah.  Alicia, Sammy and the rest of the P61 staff that took the time to make us feel so welcomed and special!!  It was the best cookies, popcorn and coffee I have ever had!!  I fell asleep watching The Lion King with 3 kids wrapped in my arms.  I kept praying that they would feel a mother’s love.  I knew they did not have that in their lives, so for the next few hours I was determined to love them like my own children.  I held their hands and gently stroked their hair and prayed for each child for special blessings.

When we finally tucked the children in bed, we headed to our tiny room with 2 mattresses to share- four of us girls:)  It was dark and no electricity.  I will be very honest- I was afraid.  I had no idea how I talked my team into this and how I ended up there too.  There was no lock on the door, but we had a broom stick jammed under the knob.  I started to feel nervous and that brought on the giggles.  The four of us giggled and laughed and spooned (well, I was the big chicken spooner with BF Randi)  We had layers of clothes on just in case we needed to bolt out of there in a flash.  The only thing I remember that made me stop laughing was the thought of having to go to the bathroom in the outhouse in the dark.  I prayed for a bladder miracle that night!!!  I fell asleep listening to the eery sounds at night and could hear a faint bark of a hyena.  I knew with all my heart that we were safe in His Korah.

We woke up to the sound of roosters and the hustle and bustle of Kore neighbors.  It was very difficult for me to say goodbye to Dawit and Beleling B… they were my Kore sons.  I told them I was so proud that my daughter, Zoie was born here in Kore and asked them to be her adopted brothers.  They hugged me tight and agreed to pray for their new sister.  I will NEVER forget my favorite sleepover.  I can’t wait to go back in February with my new team – the invitation is open for anyone that wants to have the best night of their life!!

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