My Crazy Cast #1: Debbie Lindell

Welcome to my very first podcast! You can listen right here on the blog or subscribe on iTunes.

This has been a big dream. I want to thank my family and friends for their cheers as I jumped in a new adventure! A special shout out to my son, Michael who single-handedly made this podcast a reality. He’s been my producer, director, manager, and chief editor, believing in me when I didn’t have the courage to believe I could actually do this. I didn’t know the first thing how to make a podcast, but he did! He’s majoring in broadcast journalism and has poured his gifts and talents into My Crazy Cast. (Thank you Bubby for pushing me into this crazy new world of podcasting.) Follow @michaeltgibson on Twitter

What makes My Crazy Cast stand out from other podcasts?

I’m a cheerleader and I want to encourage you (right where you are) to live life out loud in your everyday adventure with out-of-the-box inspiring guests, that will challenge you in your faith, marriage, parenting, and friendships where we can be reminded to love big, serve big, and play big!

I want to inspire women of all ages, whether you’re 18 or 80, to change our big, wide world with your gifts, talents, and passions as we share the love of Jesus.

My Crazy Cast, Episode 1 is with my friend and lead pastor Debbie Lindell. This is my VERY first show on my new podcast and I’m thrilled to share Debbie’s story with you. You won’t want to miss hearing about her unwavering journey with breast cancer and how she faced this difficult season with her family, girlfriends, and big faith. She shares how simply texting a friend can make all the difference during the dark days.


Debbie pours out her wisdom and will touch the heart of anyone listening that is facing something that feels impossible. At the end of the show, Debbie felt led to pray a special blessing over you, the listeners, and brought me to tears.

“Pastor Debbie is passionate about life and serving God with all her heart! She loves leading and pastoring alongside her husband, John, building the church and teaching people to understand God’s love for them and His amazing plan for their lives.”

Debbie leads with a passion for people and a contagious excitement for life. One of her greatest desires is to see women of all ages embrace who God has designed them to be. Through her calling to create the Designed for Life Women’s Conference, women across the nation are continually inspired and empowered to become beautiful world-changers. You can follow Debbie on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
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I’m giving away two beautiful pink Bibles (gifts from Debbie) for two new My Crazy Cast subscribers. All you have to do to win is subscribe to my podcast here and leave a review.

Let’s Do This Crazy Life Together:

Y’all join me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and chat about this episode, so go ahead friends….share the podcast show with your people and use the hashtag #mycrazycast to start trending! I’m a newbie, would love it if you show your support and leave a comment and/or review on iTunes to help launch My Crazy Cast. You are most welcome here.

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