My Adoption Hero.

Do you have an adoption hero? Someone that has inspired you to take that crazy leap into the adoption world. I have adoption superheroes. My heroes may not even realize they are my hero. They certainly don’t *fly* around promoting the fact that they are THE one that inspired Kari to adopt a child from Ethiopia. I’ve thought a lot about what each of my heroes did to inspire and educate and help and advocate and pave the way for my family to have the proper tools to adopt a child. What kind of characteristics does an adoption hero have to make that kind of impact in my life or on the world for that matter? What kind of personality does an adoption hero have to create the passion, the driving force in others to adopt?

In my next 5 posts, I’m going to share with you my 5 Adoption Heroes. The individuals that inspired me, as well as others, to join the incredible community of adoption. I want to honor my adoption heroes and celebrate their compassion, their perseverance, their strength, their faith, their hope, their passion, their courage to make a difference for children in need in their own community and all around the world.

On Monday, I will share with you who my first adoption hero is.
Be inspired!!

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