My Adoption Hero: part 2… Awareness (Angelina Jolie!!)

On September 5, 2005, I was flipping through the pages of a People Magazine and I noticed a beautiful photograph of a huge movie star and her recently adopted daughter. Roger and I were at the “talking” phase at that time, but still had not made any plans yet to adopt a child. We had no idea where to adopt or who would help us. I cut out this article and saved it in my Bible (I still have it) just in case.

My second adoption hero … who exemplifies awareness, is Angelina Jolie!! For me, I knew in my heart, if this actress could adopt, maybe so could we!! We had no idea about the process, but I finally had one name of one adoption agency that we could trust. Regardless if you agree with Angelina’s career, you CAN’T disagree with the fact that she has helped spread incredible awareness concerning adoption all over the world. She did something only a superstar could do … splash photographs in every major magazine and interviews about the problem of millions of orphans in need. She has adopted from countries that still have their doors shut tight, but they let her in!! It’s incredible the resources she has poured into making the world aware and understand that there is a way you can make a difference!

Just like her character in the movies, she is a real-life Lara Croft. We have this strong, independent, intelligent, passionate, independent woman who has let us watch action packed adventures, battling the bad guys, eliminating any obstacles that stands in her way, and in the end discovers treasure in 3 third world countries: Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam!! Bravo!!!

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Thank you Angelina Jolie for being passionate about orphans & helping the public *awareness* of children’s needs all over the world!! I hope we can all join you in helping spread the news…

Who is your adoption hero…I want to know:)
My hero #3 coming soon!!

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