1 Free Tee + 1 Free Entry to Win Mission Trip

Hello crazy bloggers, if you are new to My Crazy Adoption blog… I want to welcome you! In case you’re wondering if you heard the rumors correctly – YES YES YES I’m giving away a mission trip with Tom Davis’ Children’s HopeChest ministry! You can read here what our two special projects are we’re raising HOPE for the fatherless in Haiti and Moldova. If you WIN the grand prize, you can pick one of Children’s HopeChest’s mission trips for 2012 and go love big!!! Don’t you dare miss out on this amazing opportunity- you could win this trip just by leaving a comment!!! Special note: even if you have already purchased your giveaway tee, you can enter the mini to win an extra entry!!!

This is a Mini Giveaway! I’m giving away 1 mission trip tee shirt (you pick) and 1 Free Mission Trip entry and 2 signed copies of Tom Davis’ books, Priceless and Scared! This is huge… someone could WIN a mission trip just participating in the mini giveaway fun! Even if you have already purchased a Simply Love/Man Up tee, you can still play the mini!!

Here’s what you need to do to enter the mini- just pick 1 from the choices:

If you don’t have a blog or website, that’s OK … you can still enter the mini, just let me know in the comments, why you want to win this trip!

  1. Add My Crazy Adoption button on your blog or blogroll located on the side column. Let’s stay friends!
  2. Shout out on Facebook, or Twitter, or Pin It and share the Mission Trip Giveaway to your social friends! You pick!
  3. Share with me why you want to win this mission trip giveaway.

Now, leave in the comments how you entered to play the Mini Giveaway today.  I will randomly select a winner and update post [here] on Saturday, March 10th. Get ready, get set, goooooo!! Please limit to only 1 comment. 

Q- What do I win?

You win 1 giveaway tee shirt (you pick) and 1 FREE entry to WIN the mission trip and 2 signed copies of Tom Davis’ books, Priceless and Scared!

You can purchase Simply Love/Man Up mission trip GIVEAWAY tees here.

If you enjoyed one of this week’s project posts or learned something new- please share it!!!

“I shared this on FB and Twitter. I have already purchased two shirts for my husband and I, but wished we could buy one for my teen who is passionate about the fatherless. I would like to win the trip because I’d like to go on the Moldova trip for my 40th birthday. I clearly remember the original trip to Moldova. It completely shifted everything in my life from that point on. Ask Tom, he’ll tell you what has come of it!”

Congratulations, Brandy Freeland for winning the mini-giveaway contest!! You have won a free tee, free entry to win the grand prize mission trip, and 2 signed copies of Tom Davis’ best selling books! I need you to email me and share your tee pick and information! Just think, you are entered to win a FREE mission trip. If you win, are you going to keep the trip or give it away?

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