Me And My Flipper Back Together Again

I bit down hard on a slice of cheese pizza and a new adventure started in motion …  If you want to read my post (2008) I blogged when I lost my four front teeth click here and my 1 year toothless anniversary post without front teeth here.


I realize now I should have brushed my flipper before taking a photo of the damage. I broke my flipper in Nicaragua and my dental 911 caused a ripple effect of some pretty amazing things. I had no set plans on returning to the United States until the end of July when our time ends serving Project Hope. We were going to renew my visa (good for only 3 months) either driving to Honduras or Costa Rica, but the plans rapidly changed from crazy to crazier! I broke my flipper! I still can’t believe it happened. I had a spare, but never took the time to have it re-sized to fit without falling out when I talk, laugh, or eat.

As soon as the flipper news got out, a few key people jumped in to help. First, my wonderful in-laws bought three tickets to Arizona for me and the girls. (Hubs and my son were already scheduled to leave for Summit 9) Second, my college roommate and dear friend, Sharon Core worked out the flipper repair details of how, when, and where. (Thank you Core family for spoiling us like crazy with your condo in Coronado!) Third, Project Hope was incredibly supportive of our flipper get-away especially since there were no teams scheduled for us to host until May 6th. I would be a crazy-looking hostess without my four front teeth! All of a sudden, we had a new adventure back to the place our love story started. Roger and I were high school sweethearts and married in Phoenix, AZ 21 years ago!

Since being back in AZ, we have spent a ton of time with our wonderful family, old friends, and eating a ton with our family and friends! I’m feeling a little fluffy. Thanking God for such a sweet turn of events from a broken flipper to visiting family during the month of April. My flipper is fixed and we can’t wait to return to Nicaragua (May 4th) and continue serving the wonderful staff and Project Hope community! I’m looking forward to blogging and sharing stories from our Simply Love mission adventure in Nicaragua … we couldn’t do this without your incredible support!

Here’s what the Gibson’s have been up to:

Kari and the Queen of England
Mama Kiki and the Queen.
Road Trip 2013
Road Trip to San Diego
Easter Egg Hunt with AZ cousins
Hannah Tea Party
Zoie and her new Bantu knots
Roger and Kari Coffee Date
Coffee date in Coronado
Michael Golfing in San Diego
Michael treated his dad to golf in San Diego
Family:: Easter 2013
Gibson Family Easter Sunday


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