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I love sharing links I love. I love sharing your links you love.

This new series, Crazy Links I Love will be a place you can share your best links, posts, recipes, helpful tips, projects, fundraisers … your favorite things. I want to be a cheerleader for you, a shout-out for you, and a place you can share your gifts, talents, and passions with other bloggers. It’s really simple to share: Link-up your favorite links with the Inlinkz tool at the end of the post. Let’s get this party started …

Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

1. For the past few years, our ministry, Simply Love has partnered with Sixty Feet in Uganda. We visited several of the prisons and loved on the children Sixty Feet minister and care for full-time. I’m excited to be a part of their cupcake ministry this year (May 3rd) to bring awareness to the orphaned children living in Uganda. “According to the most recent estimates, there are approximately 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, over a million of whom are a direct result of AIDS. In a country where the median age is only 15, as many as 1 in 6 children under the age of 17 is an orphan. Outside Kampala there is a place where some of these abandoned, unloved and neglected children are kept. And this is where our story begins…” Link here.

2. Roger and I have been using the Learn Vest financial planning program 50/20/30 since being home from the mission field. We had a lot of money changes the past few years, and constantly learning how to live dept-free and spending our money wisely. We both have very different spending habits- I like to spend and my hubby likes to save. I wanted to share Learn Vest with you and hoping it helps you, too. Link here.

3. Look at the incredible ways God has used Man Up and Go film around the world. If you haven’t watched the film, don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of changing the world loving and serving big. You can watch the film trailer here. You can NOW purchase the film here. Please check out the Man Up and Go mission trips available for 2014 here.

4. I read this post from a new adoption blogger and it has caused quite a stir in the adoption community. Here’s what she said and here’s my comment: Tara, I found your post linked on Facebook. It sounds like you are a new blogger in the adoption world and have caused quite a stir with your beliefs on adoption/orphan-care tee shirts. Honestly, your post was hard for me to wrap my heart around for a few different reasons. First of all, I would only assume you don’t know the REAL people behind the tee shirts… most of the “brands” you listed are my friends in real life. I have spent the past 6 years traveling (and wearing their tees) and living in three 3rd world countries with these amazing ministries and have watched firsthand the love and sweat and tears and care they have poured on the people groups, communities, villages, and THOUSANDS of orphans they have impacted through the years, all over the world: 147 Million Orphans, Visiting Orphans, Ordinary Heroes, Hope For Korah, as well as hundreds of families fundraising with tees (and tons of other products) for their adoptions and projects. I’m HONORED to wear these tees, as well as our Simply Love & Man Up for the fatherless tees. On my adoption blog, we’ve been able to help families raise thousands of dollars for adoption, missions, and orphan care. Above all … our ultimate goal creating apparel with a message is to help bring awareness to the orphan crisis, the adoption crisis, helping families raise the overwhelming funds to adopt, inspiring people to GO and love big around the world. If a tee shirt or product can help support the cause respectfully and tastefully… supporting one another, encouraging others to love radically… that’s worth everything! As a transracial adoptive family, we want to help spread the message to simply love and live out-loud James 1:27. I hope the next time you see a mom or dad or family or a mission team wearing a tee shirt with a message, you’ll stop to think about the lives that are being impacted and changed forever.

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