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I love sharing links I love. I love sharing your links you love. This {new} weekly series, Crazy Links I Love will be a place you can share your best links, posts, recipes, helpful tips, projects, fundraisers … your favorite things every weekend. I want to be a cheerleader for you, a shout-out for you, and a place you can share your gifts, talents, and passions with other bloggers. You can also connect with me personally with an email. It’s really simple to share: Link-up your favorite links with the Inlinkz tool at the end of the post. Let’s get this party started … 

Here are a few of my favorite links this week:

You Don’t Need Anyone Else to Say, “You Can Do It!” by Allison Versterfelt

I met this week in real life blogger, Allison Versterfelt! Her passion is teaching people to blog better and write better was really inspirational! She is the real-deal and lives by example what she shares. You can check out her new book, Packing Light here. “I quit my full-time job, for example, to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the country to visit all 50 states (If that’s not a push out the door, I don’t know what is). If you read here regularly, you know the story. I sold everything, moved out of my apartment, and packed my car for a year long trip around the country read more.

Some Things I Wish Would Go Away by Jen Hatmaker

“If you have a daughter between the ages of 4-12, I do not even need to explain this. How can I help you understand my despair? Well, perhaps this picture of Remy’s bedroom door that faces our front entry (you’re welcome, guests) will help you understand what we’re dealing with .. read more.

{Adoption} If you are planning to adopt domestically, you will want to check out this link here.

We have an exciting opportunity for families wanting to adopt domestically.  IFS has a Domestic Cross Cultural program that only has FOUR families waiting. Our desire is to work with families who are thrilled to adopt children of a different culture and race than perhaps that of their own. Many of the babies will be Black, mixed race, Hispanic, Asian, East Indian, and any other culture that may be different than that of the adoptive family. The name, “Cross Cultural Program” is meant to embrace and celebrate the child’s heritage while also celebrating the culture of the adoptive family. We are seeing families matched to birth mothers in around nine months!! This is an amazing private adoption program with a 90% success rate. Please contact Randi at randishetley@ifservices.org for more information or check out IFS website here.
Tell them “Mama Kiki” sent you!

(in) Courage Blog

This is one of my favorite blog links and I promise will (in) courage you at any place in your life. The resources are endless! In fact, I applied a few weeks ago to be a new contributor!! They are choosing 5 new writing contributors April 1st and praying like crazy they accept my application! (I would totally freak out and you will hear me scream across blog land!) “Our hope is that the five (or so) new contributors we’re looking for would be familiar to us by their consistent and encouraging participation in the community. We’re looking for women who have engaged in the (in)courage community in some way – guest posting, frequently commenting, leading an (in)courager group, tweeting, sharing, generally being our people – you know the ones – who know how to enjoy chocolate and long hours spent catching up on a bench.”

{Missions} Count It All Joy by Sole Hope

“You never know what a week at the Sole Hope compound may bring. We received a call from new friends north of Jinja, describing that they had a young girl with an unimaginable amount of jiggers in both her hands and feet. She had a horrible past and no one to care for her. That Friday morning in early February, what I expected to be a timid little girl stepped out of the van. Oh, how I was wrong. Within moments of stepping out of the vehicle, she was smiling uncontrollably – from ear to ear. Knowing her past, you would have no idea how someone could still be full of so much JOY.” Read more.

Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

This book is changing the way I eat. It’s one of the best resources I have found to live the life-style Paleo. The book is colorful and easy to follow. Best of all, there are incredible recipes you can cook for your family and eat healthy together. I’m still a Paleo newbie, but God has brought the passion in my heart to cook with purpose. You can buy it here.

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