Leaving today for Ethiopia with VO 30!

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My crazy readers, will you join me on my Visiting Orphans mission trip and pray for our extraordinary team for the next 12 days as we travel to Ethiopia and minister to orphans.  You support, prayers, and cheers have meant the world to me.  You sent me over 600 headbands and bows for the Princesses in Korah, twin sheet sets for new bedding at the orphanage in Holeta, and monetary donations to spread some crazy love in Ethiopia!!  I’m grateful for you!

I have the most amazing guest bloggers scheduled for the next 12 days.  Please stop by and read their stories- laugh, cry, cheer, and share your thoughts.  Thank you for your continued support growing My Crazy Adoption Blog to empower moms and caring for the Fatherless.  Together, we are the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. (prov. 31:8-9)

I will not be able to update you on my blog in Africa, but I will share daily journal notes and photos on my Facebook starting February 15th- 27th.  I hope you will join me on my God adventure to Addis Ababa.  I will share my incredible mission trip here starting in March- Missions Sweeps Week!!

Would you pray a special blessing over my team today!!  We need strong prayer warriors to cover us the next 12 days!

Here are a few prayer requests:

1. Safety
2. The Lord’s favor as we minister to orphanages and complete various tasks.
3. The “Man Up” project at the Korah dump. We will have a barbecue and be targeting the men to become strong in the Lord and leaders in their families and community.
Praying for God’s protection as we put on His whole armor for sharing love to the lost.

The JRA team of 30 will be ministering for 12 days in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Project 61 for extreme needy children living in the Korah city dump, two TOMS Shoe Drops, as well as ministering in rural villages sharing God’s love.  We will also visit Fistula Hospital and our very own, Trevor Birch will perform music for the courageous women featured in the movie “A Walk to Beautiful”.

Ethiopia Gibson Itinerary pdf

Wednesday- 02/16/2012 Day 1
You will travel to Washington DC where you will meet up with
the rest of your team and travel on to Addis from there.

Thursday- 02/17/2012 Day 2
Arrive in Addis Ababa around 8 am. Check in at the Ethiopian
Guest House. Rest, unpack, and afternoon shopping at Post Office (optional) Dinner out.

Friday- 02/18/2012 Day 3
Visit *** Orphanage. Lunch at the EGH and afternoon visit to Fistula Hospital.  Pack your day bags for overnight Ambo and Holeta.

Saturday- 02/19/2012 Day 4
1 hour drive to Holeta to visit children there and to minister in
community. Spend the night in Ambo.

Sunday- 02/20/2012 Day 5
Orphanage and home visits in Ambo.  Outing with the children. Return to Addis for
afternoon shopping and dinner at EGH. 8 pm team meeting with Sally Baer.

Mon & Tues- 02/21-22/12 Day 6 & 7 TOMS shoe distribution- 8am to 5pm. Lunch on the field and dinner at EGH.

Wednesday- 02/23/2012 Day 8
Ministry at the Korah Dump and Project 61. Dinner out as a

Thursday- 02/24/2012 Day 9 Ministry at the Korah Dump and Project 61. Dinner at EGH.

Friday- 02/25/2012 Day 10
Ministry at the Korah Dump and Project 61. Visit to sponsored
children. Dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Saturday- 02/26/2012 Day 11
Check out of the EGH. The team will split to visit Drawn From
Water and Kidane Mihret orphanages. Farewell lunch at the
Hilton & last minute shopping. Leave for airport and depart for
US at 10:15 pm. Arrive in DC at 7:40 am on the 27th.

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