I Need Your Help With Video Topics For Vlog Series

By November 17, 2009 Videos 6 Comments

Watch my first Adoption Life LIVE video! It’s time for me to talk to you, my readers about adoption from A to Z. I don’t have a fancy studio or the best equipment, it’s just me and you and my Flip talking candidly about our favorite subject!  Hopefully, my awesome hubby, Roger will join me sometimes to give a daddy’s perspective on the subject of adoption.  I have watched his life change radically through the miracle of adoption.  We welcome you to leave us any questions, comments or subject ideas you would like to talk about.. email me.  As I have shared, I want to give back honest, real answers from my life as I continue to grow as a wife, mom and friend.

I want My Crazy Adoption to educate you, inspire you, make you laugh, offer hope, and eliminate any fears you might have about adoption.  Bloggy readers, I wasted YEARS wrapped in fear, worry and uncertainty about adoption and if I can save just one person from holding back on the most incredible, life-changing adventure… it’s all worth it!

I would love your feedback.  Do you have any specific questions or hot topics you would like me to discuss LIVE?

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