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Have you ever met someone that made such an impact on your life… you just want to tell everyone about them?

We met Robel in Ethiopia and I want to tell you all about him and his new ministry, Into the Streets of Ethiopia. The first thing you love about Robel is his bright eyes and spirit for the Lord.  His sense of humor helped us through the 2 crazy weeks we spent in Addis Ababa picking up Zoie.  We would not have made it without his love, friendship and prayers.  He literally prayed over us when we didn’t think we could go another day.  He prayed over Zoie.  He brought us to his church and prayed for us there, too.  He’s a man of mighty prayers and I know that God has blessed him and his ministry to children on the streets of Ethiopia abundantly- we can pray and help too!

The best part, when I go to Ethiopia this summer in July for my crazy mission trip- I will get to spend time with Robel again and his ministry with the street children.  What’s really amazing, I recognize many of the children in the photos on the Into the Streets of Ethiopia website.  I was relieved to know they are alive and being ministered to.  They are being loved and cared for and learning about Jesus.

The aim of Into the Streets of Ethiopia is to raise financial support, basic living materials and educational needs for street children living in  Ethiopia.  Improving the child’s living standard and provision for education will help to contribute to their future well being and adjustment in society.   It is our desire to partner with charitable organizations which serve underprivileged youth in Ethiopia.  All funds will be devoted to the cause of helping street children and at risk children in Ethiopia.  [read more]

Robel’s Story (you don’t want to miss this!)

I was born on December 25,1986, in Harar, Ethiopia to a farming family. Our farm grew corn, fruit, and vegetables. When I was 10 years old my dad passed away. My mom, my sisters, and I lived together for the next year.  My father’s family eventually took over our land and due to financial pressures, I felt the need, as the only man, to take care of my family.  The only way to financially support my mom and sisters was for me to go to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, and find work.

I had an uncle in Addis and I was able to stay with him for some time.  The only work I was eligible to do as an eleven year old, was shoe shining and washing cars. Life was tough: my uncle was an alcoholic, his wife was opposed to me living with them, and even while working, street kids would beat me up to steal my money.

I decided it was better for me to move from my uncle’s and live with some of my friends that had found themselves in a similar situation.  Six of us rented a house that was 12-meter square. During this time I faced many problems as well: some days I went hungry, didn’t have sufficient clothing, and I even found myself on the cold street one night.

Then, one day, my life changed… [read more here]
Please head over to the Into the Streets of Ethiopia website and “follow” their new journey.   You can add Kara’s stunning buttons on your own blogs (I did!)

My kiddos hanging out with Robel in Ethiopia! (where crazy readers can further read about him and read about his ministry).


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