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Hi friends, would you like to be on the Inspiring Link blogroll featured at One Stop Shop? We want to show off your inspiring blogs, websites, non-profits, fundraisers, adoption agencies or ministries.  I envision having hundreds of banners for my readers to be inspired by your craziness. Here is how!

Form Located at ONE STOP SHOP!

Fill out the form.  Choose a photo or your blog button or logo. You need to edit & crop it to size using photo shop, iPhoto or other.  Your “banner” must be a static 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (just click on the ‘upload’ button at the bottom of the form). Please make sure that the size specifications are met or your banner can not be included. I am unable to resize or create buttons for you.  Thanks for understanding.

It may take me one to three days to get links added, so thanks for your patience!  Email me if you have questions.

Here is an example of the Inspiring Links-

My Crazy Friends

MyCrazyBlogLinkButton crazyfriend poppy-dip

If you would like to have MY CRAZY ADOPTION button, I would appreciate the exchange. Just copy the button and load it into your blog and link back to


Crazy men and women who are dedicated to family, parenting, and adoption.  My readers are wildly passionate about helping, cheering, praying, encouraging, advocating, and challenging others to take a look at the crazy world of adoption.  They are bold and radical, definitely not wimpy about exemplifying a life that is NOT ABOUT YOU!  They walk the walk!  They wear adoption T shirts that make a statement- don’t try to run away, they are the most fun people to hang out with.  They are joyful, humorous, energetic readers!

Thanks so much for being a crazy friend!

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