I need bows for Ugandan princesses

My Crazy Readers, YOU DID THIS… You sent me over 1,000+ bows, headbands, silk scarves, and flowers for the royalty I met in Ethiopia!!  My team helped me put headbands on hundreds of orphans- we gave every single one of your bows away!!  I have prayed so hard about asking you again to help me, but my heart has been torn.  How can I ask my sister bloggers to dig deep again and spend time, money, and resources to make me more bows & bands?  God has tugged at my heart for weeks to ask you this simple questions- Will you help me AGAIN crown the Princesses and Princes in Uganda?

I will never be able to express to you the joy it was for me to help you love orphans.  Does that make sense?  You made over 1,000 children and older women feel beautiful and loved and blessed by your generosity.  Will you pray about joining me again and sending me headbands of love?

Please send me YOUR headband photos to feature on my blog and facebook.

You did this, too…

How can you help?

I’m heading on my next Visiting Orphans mission trip June 1-12 to Uganda and will be working with hundreds of orphans for 12 days!!!  I will have the incredible opportunity to visit orphans in two children’s prisons and many needy orphanages in Jinja and Kampala.  I want to crown these precious children with beauty.  The children we will minister are desperate for the blessing… they have been orphaned, abused, raped, abandoned, neglected, and unloved.  I want each child to feel the love of Jesus with a special gift of beauty.  I have shared some of my favorite headband photos again for you to look for one common link in each face- pure joy.  The smiles we received crowning the children were priceless!!

Who will receive the bows?

Two children’s prisons “M” and “M2”, Canaan’s Childrens Home, Return Ministries, Karamajong children with Katie Davis ministry, Amani Baby Cottage, and community ministry in Kampala and Jinja.  We are praying for the extraordinary- 4,000 bows & headbands for Uganda.  View video and the children at “M” you will help crown here-

Will you help me again?

If you are willing to help make or buy NEW headbands or bows for the fatherless in Uganda, please mail them to:

Headbands For Uganda

1482 Lakeshore Drive

Branson, MO 65616

Due Date for Headbands- May 20th, so I can pack them up for my mission trip!!

Here are some great links for head band ideas:

This was the original HEADBANDS FOR KORAH post I wrote months ago to ask for your help.  Your creativity, big monster flowers, wide stretchy bands, and funky designs rocked the world of headbands… the bigger and crazier bows the better!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying and ministering with me to the fatherless!

Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love. (1 Cor. 13:13)

Can you find the band that Emerson made below?

Please invite your friends to participate in {Headbands for Uganda} parties.  If you are making headbands, please email me if you have any questions. I can accept headbands up to May 14th.

Feel free to show the Bows & Bows & Bows Video to inspire your friends to help you spread some crazy love in Uganda.

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