Do You Love Justin Bieber?

By October 5, 2010 Parenting 3 Comments

I confess… I really do like Justin Bieber.  My freshly new 14 year old daughter is madly in love with the JB, so to survive the Bieber craziness, music, videos, magazines, posters, YouTubes and LIVE concerts, I had to join the club.  At first, I had no idea that the boy could sing, but after hearing “Down to Earth” blaring endlessly from my daughter’s room, I soon realized that Justin really could sing.  The song actually chokes me up since reading in Hannah’s Teen Beat magazine that when his parents divorced, the pain was so deep in his heart that singing helped him survive.  I love bragging that I know over 1000 facts about the teen idol… I have played the “ask me anything about Justin Bieber” game with Hannah and her friends the past year.  They all swoon over this kid and bat their eyes wildly when a song comes on XM radio.  Heck, I swoon too.  We all have Bieber fever!!

The best part, my hubby taught Zoie how to say… I don’t like Justin Bieber, so now the girls fight back and forth.  I have permission to show proof of my two daughter’s Bieber rivalry over loving the super star.  This video of the girls is sooooo funny!!

Bloggy readers… who was your crazy teen crush?

This is for you baby:))

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