I feel chills, thrills and slight nausea

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Good morning my crazy readers.  I had a rude awakening at 3 am when my hubby’s cell phone beeped & bounced around on the bathroom sink.  I heard it, but he’s still sleeping soundly.  I tried, really tried to go back to sleep but I started feeling chills, thrills and slight nausea.  My HopeChest Project is over, but it’s really only just begun.  I have never been so excited to post big news than sharing with you that we sold almost 800 T shirts…. they kept rolling in all night.


I’ve received lots of emails from last second shoppers and I have to say today- I’m sorry, no more T’s for sale.  HopeChest Valentine’s Day Project is all over till next year.  I talked to Tom’s team and we are already thinking of ideas for a new project and new T shirt.  Last night, I had my first team of crazy friends come over and help me organize, roll, address, stuff and seal up T shirts.  They stormed in my house at 6pm sharp and didn’t leave until the clock struck midnight (well, more like 9, but it was a school night)  Thank you Team Crazy for helping me and making me feel that this will all be a breeze.  It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around how many shirts you purchased for “Shirts For Shoes!”  You know you broke records in a big way.


I feel overwhelmed knowing so many orphans will be blessed with new shoes and new shirts.  I feel slightly overwhelmed making sure you get your T shirts before Valentine’s Day.  I feel overwhelmed doing something so new and so crazy.  My hubby reminded me several times yesterday that the hardest part was selling the T shirts, mailing them out is the easy part.  I mentioned that to my friends last night and their looks told me something different.  Yep- mailing out 800 T shirts in not going to be easy.

Slight nausea.

What can you do to help?  Well, if you live in my neck of the wood… come on over and Rock & Roll with me.  If you don’t, please pray for me.  I need super energy and spunk and lots of scones to make my deadline.  My goal is to have every T shirt in the mail by next Monday.  The Post Office has no idea what is coming soon- one crazy mom with hundreds of packages wrapped up in love.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our first Project so wildly successful.  I want to thank you for all your emails and cheers in the comments.  I feel renewed and energized and its only 5:27am.

Just a little craziness…

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