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Special Note:  ALL HopeChest T shirts are in the mail heading your way!  We mailed out a total of 800+ T shirts.  I pray they make it to you thru all the crazy winter weather!!  Happy Valentine’s Day from My Crazy Adoption!

I wanted to thank you personally for being a part of our 1st “Shirts For Shoes” Project Ethiopia!!  We are all shocked & overjoyed that so many crazy people stepped up and made a huge impact for over 800 orphans.  I was blessed to have teens, families and friends help me roll, address, package and mail out your T shirts.  Our goal is for everyone to receive their T shirts before Valentine’s Day.  Please take a photo of YOU wearing your T shirts… put them up on Your Photos.  You can also email me photos and I’ll send them to Tom Davis to take with him to Ethiopia when he delivers shoes!!

HopeChest “Shirts For Shoes” … can I exchange my T shirt?

We do not have inventory of shirts.  I’m just one crazy mom who did a project for HopeChest.  The T shirts were ordered in bulk AFTER you made your paypal purchase.  We wanted to save HopeChest Ministry every extra penny, so we waited to order T’s until the end of the Project!  I had many volunteers step forward and help me mail out shirts this week- I hope that your T shirts arrive on time & the correct size you ordered.  Also, if you ordered a Women’s XS – shirts did not come in that size… I have sent you a SMALL.  Thank you for your understanding.

Here are 2 things you need to know about returns:

  1. If you received the WRONG T shirt- not the one you ordered… email me. I will mail you the correct size and apologize for the craziness.
  2. If your T shirt is DAMAGEDemail me.  I will mail you a new shirt that is perfect from top to bottom.

Thank you …. LIVE from my living room!

Kari Talks Crazy! from Kari Gibson on Vimeo.

Gene- you never got grumpy when you saw me coming with boxes of T shirts.  Thanks for your smile!

Thanks Jim for the dum dums and amazing spirit for our project!

Cindy worked ALL day mailing out your T shirts!!  Thank you for going the extra mile and doing the extraordinary!

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