I Really Love 2 Year Olds

By January 10, 2010 Parenting 10 Comments

I look around today and see Zoie’s toys scattered around the floor, cracker crumbs in a crumbly pile on the couch and her favorite strawberry yogurt smeared on my green velvet pillow.  There’s a big box of size 4 diapers half empty, obviously an intense burst of curiosity for her pulling them out of the plastic wrap.  Our Zoie is a chatterbox.  She just learned how to say “Oie” and repeats her name over and over and over to me adding “mommy?” sprinkled in the mix.  How is it possible my tiny baby is turning 2 years old today.  I no longer feel like I missed out on the first 6 months of her life, but instead I’m grateful for each second we have been blessed to have her in our life.  She dances through her day and has energy to match her crazy curly hair.   I have to admit, I really love the craziness of two year olds.  They are unique, bundles of attitude- learning, growing, adjusting to life all rolled into adorableness.  Yep, their tempers are extraordinary, but that’s all part of the special package.  I’m feeling a little sad, too.  Zoie’s growing up fast, and I don’t have the heart to ask her to slow down.

Our love for Zoie is as intense as the first moment she became part of our forever family.  Today, I reminded her that there was nothing she could do or say that could ever change my love for her.  I love her from head to toe- no need to fix anything.  I really want her to grasp the belief at 2 years old that love conquers all.  I want her heart to believe that she is a gift and not a mistake- God made her beautiful inside and out.  Her life has a purpose and we’ll hold her chubby little hand as she runs into another year.  I know she can’t understand all of that right now, but I’ll keep whispering these truths when I rock her to sleep at night.
Thank you God for our daughter, Zoie.

Happy Birthday Zoie Senait Elise Gibson!!

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