Haiti Mission Trip

Bloggy friends, I’m so sorry I’m behind on my regular blog posts. We are home from FL, but started back with a bang. H started Junior High and cross country all in one day. M is a Sophomore dreading only one thing: waking up early again in the morning. Zoie missed her big bro & sis today! I leave for Haiti this weekend, but I wanted to ask you to pray for me and the group from my church I’m traveling with. I will not be able to bring my laptop, but will post plenty of crazy stories and photos when I get home next weekend. Stay tuned!

Here is our itinerary and group goals:

* Gain a perspective of how child sponsorship works
* Learn about the Haitian culture
* Learn how partnerships with churches work
* Through meeting their sponsored child, begin to get a feel for the impact they are making
* Gain knowledge of the cycle of poverty and Mission of Mercy’s philosophy to break that – economically and spiritually
* Grow in their spiritual walk and relationship with Jesus

We will be arriving in Santiago, DR, but will cross over to Haiti early Monday morning and travel to Cap Haitian to work with our 1,000 sponsored children. I started taking my malaria pills, but praying we don’t have any drama with mosquitoes. I don’t want to be featured on “Monsters Living Inside Me”

Looking forward to blogging soon!
OREVWA (good-bye in Haitian Creole)

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