Haiti Day 6: Going Home Changed

My Journal Today:

(sitting on the airplane flying home)

Our group plans were changed so drastically every day that we knew it was God inspired.  God can set us up for great things if we don’t miss the blessings He provides.  All 14 of us NEVER wavered or complained.. but continued to thank God for the changes, re-direction and roadblocks.  We held on with flexibility and trusted God to be our fearless leader through Haiti.  He was our guide, security, protector, and adventure host on a Wild Goose Chase!  I prayed our team would be able to minister to orphans everyday and despite all the craziness – He did it!  The road blocks and detours opened doors for orphan ministry, food distribution, street ministry, 5 hour border ministry, road side guard silliness (guard + machine gun + rooster!)

The precious boy at the border crossing recognized our bus and new friends and ran toward us SMILING… something clicked in my heart.  This boy experienced love from our team – mother’s care and hugs from dads and a little spoiling too.  As we hung out the windows of the bus to say good-bye, he proudly held up his 2 day old flip flops, despite being back in his torn, filthy rags, but this time he smiled.  That’s what love is all about.

I wept after leaving the orphanage at Dos Dane.  I knew exactly why I was weeping and it overwhelmed my heart.  I clearly had a visual picture of Zoie living a life without us… this could have been my daughter had we not obeyed God’s calling and adopted.  Zoie had two very different life paths and I am now realizing how easily it could have gone the other way.  We would have missed the greatest blessings and opportunity to give the gift of a mommy and daddy’s love.  Peeking out the bus window, I cried tears of gratefulness and appreciation that God picked us.  My Zoie will never know what it feels like to sleep in a cold, dark room alone and scared without a mommy’s touch, nurture, comfort, and love.

We are going home changed.

I’m Your Billboard Today:

1.  Paige Alleca (Haiti team) is selling her T shirts for their Ethiopia Adoption.  You can click HERE if you are interested in supporting her project!

2.  The Jewett Family– your T shirt didn’t make it to me in time to take to Haiti, but my hubby loves it!!

3.  Shabby Chic Jewelry with a purpose… my friend JUNKPOSSE.  Hannah fell in love with the necklace – Speak Out. Speak Out for those who do not have a voice. Prov. 31:8.

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