Haiti Day 1: Don’t Mess with Our Formula!

I’m so excited to share my week in Haiti with you!  I knew it would be impossible to take my computer, so instead I brought a journal to write my thoughts and details of the trip.  I didn’t want to forget a moment of this special adventure… my 2nd mission trip to Haiti.  We had a purpose – food distribution and visiting children at our 11 projects scattered from the border to Cap Haitien.

We had no idea that God would take our plans, our agenda, our schedule and turn them upside down, twisting around with drama only God could direct.  He had his own inspired plans, agenda and schedule for our team… we just had to hold on, avoid whiplash, and enjoy the craziness!

Before the trip, I googled the definition of Haiti.  Haiti, (a republic in the West Indies on the western part of the island of Hispaniola; achieved independence from France in 1804; the poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere) A few nicknames: Mountain over Mountain, Mountain Country.  The name “Haiti” comes from the native Taino/Arawak word ayiti or hayti, meaning “mountainous” or “high land.  The two main religions are Roman Catholicism and Voudou, or Voodoo, a mixture of African animism (belief in spirits and nature) and Christianity. Many Haitians practice both these religions at the same time.  [read more]

The flight distance from Miami, Florida to Haiti is:  681 miles!!

My Journal Today:

I woke up at 5am this morning so excited about “travel day!”  I feel like we’re embarking on a real adventure.  170,000 meals and 600 pounds of formula tucked inside rubbermaid bins for delivery.  I can’t wrap my brain around how we are going to pack, deliver and serve so many meals.  I’m familiar now with the things I will see, but knowing it has all changed in one way or another.  We will arrive in the Dominican Republic, Santiago at 10pm – a long day, but team is buzzing with anticipation.  We have 14 amazing people, most I have never met… 4 jumped on board from blog and FB!  Now that is crazy!

What I’m specifically praying for is a formula miracle.  My bloggy friends and community helped raise $2,200 for baby formula and the chances of not making it through security are high.  We did not get the “paper” we needed from the officials in Santiago, so we are trusting God to get every can to Haiti.  We will have the opportunity to hand deliver the formula to churches, orphanages and Mother’s Milk Day via the Campbells.  We are asking God for full access to bring it through customs.  God can blind their eyes and allow 100%!

Bloggy friend from New York, Paige (and her sister) was easy to spot.  She was wearing Simply Love T shirt.  We waited in Miami for Drew and Dennis – our team of 2 from Florida (never met them) We played a game to guess who they were. LOL  Due to delays, our plane was late taking off and the guys ran like crazy to make it on the flight… just in the nick of time!

Miracle #1: We MADE IT through customs with all our formula!!  God did the miracle without a snag… customs asked what we had in the bins (all 10 of them) making sure we did not have medication.  He never even looked inside.  A much different scenario than our last hold up and confiscation with mission bins in 09.

Checking in to the Hotel Hodelpha with my roomies, Ali and Alicia.  Dinner: Sea Bass Fish Sticks and cheesecake!

God will mark our hearts.  Wake up call – 6 am!  Here we go….

Photos used with permission – Don Fuhr who was part of our amazing team, gave us all the gift of his beautiful photography.  I’m thrilled to show some of them on  my blog this week.  You can click on his site and look at all his photos of our trip to Haiti.

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