{Guest Series} How I Embraced This Haiti Heart

Hi my name is Rachel and Haiti first captured my heart 2 1/2 years ago when I was blessed to travel on my first mission trip. I’ve been able to take two more trips to Haiti since then. My most recent trip was with an absolutely incredible non profit organization called i’m ME.

I am honored to serve alongside this awesome organization because of their bold love for the people of Haiti and their passion for creating an environment that fosters the value and worth of family, love and education.

God has opened another door and I am thrilled. I will be spending 1 month in Haiti with i’m ME serving anyway that I possibly can.

I will be organizing and planning arts and crafts, activities, games, and field trips for the Children’s Home, helping out wherever I’m needed, and enjoying all that God has to teach me in Haiti. Haiti holds so much aching beauty in her roots. It is my hope to share with others the strength, wonder, potential, and gifts that Haiti carries that is just waiting to blossom and flourish with a bit of grace-filled Light.

My heart is more invested in Haiti than I ever imagined it would be and I can not wait for this journey. God has been faithful in preparing me for this adventure. The way He timely and divinely prepares us, strengthens us, and calls on us is a perfect example of His sweet Father’s heart for us.

I’m always in awe of how supportive and encouraging others are of my passion for Haiti. The community God puts around us to lean on is just lovely and good for our souls. I am truly grateful that God allows me serve in a way that aligns with my passions and dreams! Right now, I am in a position that most 20 somethings are not in.

A position that God so clearly called me to, a position that allows me to serve both my family(I am blessed to daily be apart of my 2 adopted little sisters’ lives, as well as, my twin sister with special needs, coming alongside my parents helping and loving them) and Haiti.

God is opening door after door so that I can have a life of service and I want to make sure I take advantage of that. While, I know society tells me I need to have a full time job and purchase my own home…God is telling me to serve big everyday and He will provide the rest.

I make mistakes and I back track sometimes but, He is always there to redirect my path.


As you know, it take a lot of money to do serve overseas so, if you would like to donate towards my time in Haiti you can do so through my Go Fund Me page.

Where your donations go:

  • Flights
  • Room and Board
  • Food
  • Personal Expenses (medicines, toiletries, etc.)

I am overjoyed and grateful for this passion and continued opportunities God has given me to love orphans. #ThisHaitiHeart


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