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Guest Post today from my good friend, Rachel Rodgers. Check out her blog here.

His promises are not empty. He has, is and always will keep His Word.

“I pray that You will continue to bind my family together with a desire to serve.” A prayer I’ve prayed over the years. God has answered this prayer. He continues to work on all of my family members’ hearts but, recently He gave my twin sister, Becca, an incredible opportunity to serve a sweet boy in Haiti which has allowed her heart to bloom for service.

What is unique about this new season in my sister’s life is that she has been living her years with a disability called Cerebral Palsy and as God loves the little details in our walks with Him, the little boy in Haiti also has Cerebral Palsy.

Becca’s Campaign Link click here.

My family has searched, prayed and searched some more for programs, organizations and opportunities that my sister could get involved in to bring her purpose, passion and empowerment. As a family, for the past ten years we have prayed over and told Becca that God has a beautiful reason for her disability.


When this opportunity appeared right in front of us, we knew we had to take action and make a move. What opened the door to this opportunity is when I showed Becca a 15 second video from a nonprofit organization that I’ve served with and regularly advocated for called I’mME.

The video showed a precious little boy named Banner walking for the first time at four years old after recently being rescued off the streets in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Later that evening, after watching this little video, my sister and I started chatting about how SHE could help Banner.

We talked about how because they share the same disability she could identify with him, his challenges, his medical needs, his wants and his victories. The idea was tossed around about her creating a campaign to fund-raise for some of Banner’s needs.


I KNEW in my gut that this was it, this was what God had for her and possibly this campaign that would soon empower my sister like never before might be the whole reason God even sent me to Haiti in the first place three years ago.

Everything led up to this season, my sister finding her voice.

My sister was uncertain at first about taking on a fundraiser simply because she didn’t understand yet, how the fund-raising program worked. She didn’t know that SHE could be the change in an orphan’s life in spite of her disability through an online fund-raising tool.

I’mME Nonprofit welcomes anyone who wants to help with the orphan crisis and empowers them to do so through their BeYou Campaign program. This was all new to her; my family has never found an avenue for her to truly be involved with a charity or cause like this before, until now. The next morning, I explained to her that i’mMe has put in a place a vehicle for others to hop on board and actively support orphans in Haiti right where they are.

IMG_9395 copy

Maybe your birthday is coming up and you don’t really need anything so, instead you set up a campaign with i’mME’s BeYou program and ask your friends and family to give donations instead of gifts.

Maybe you are a teacher and have a passion for education so, you and your teacher friends create a BeYou Campaign to raise funds for school supplies and school fees for children in Haiti. However you are inspired or feel called to help, i’mME has created a way for you to do that.

Their BeYou program is unique and one of kind by giving YOU a platform to make a difference in the life of another and allowing every person to RAISE THEIR VOICE. After further explaining the concept of this awesome program that i’mME has created, my sister eagerly said, “YES!”. She couldn’t wait to get started. I made some notes, got to writing and within an hour, the campaign was all set up and ready to go. This program has empowered my sister.

She is loving every second of seeing change happen because of her faith in Jesus and heart for loving on others. The campaign is doing amazing and is changing hearts everywhere. My sister has received so many personal “thank you” notes for her inspiring dedication and heart; her world has been changed, she found her purpose, her value and her voice.

She knows now, that EVERYONE can make a difference in someone’s life, no matter age, qualifications or physical ability. She is giddy with excitement to see Banner’s life impacted for the better. God faithfully answered our prayer.

With an ocean between Banner and Becca, their worlds are colliding!

You, too can join my sister in giving Banner a Bright Future in Haiti or start your own campaign. Please share my sister’s campaign on all your social media and help spread the love. #raiseyourvoice2015

Becca’s Campaign Link click here.

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