{Missions} Guest: Living radical obedience in Mozambique

Catarina. The sweet baby girl who got me. The little girl who made orphans in Africa my problem, too. I had floated by my 21 years knowing about the “orphan problem” but also knowing that I, in my smallness, could really do nothing about it. It took a lot of arguing (on my part), before I finally decided to obey, and answer the call God had put in my heart years before. I found myself in Mozambique, Africa. I was not supposed to be there. I had agreed to go to Zambia, but God had other ideas for me. But, back to Catarina. I was there, working at an orphanage in Mozambique and a frail “old” man (who later turned out to be middle aged, but life had been hard on him), handed me his precious baby daughter, and said to me: “Please take care of her.  You are her mother now, you are her family.”  That was it.  That was the moment.  That was the moment that God stripped away MY ideas for what I wanted my life to be, and began to replace it with HIS plans for what He wanted my life to be.


Several years have passed since I first felt that baby girl snuggle into my arms.  And God has called my family back to Mozambique.  I went to Mozambique the first time as a young, single, girl; trying to obey.  I am returning as a mother.  We will be caring for the littlest children at an orphanage in Mozambique– Maforga Christian Mission.  I have always wanted to be a mommy.  And now I get to be a mommy to many.   In August, our family (my husband will actually leave a month sooner) will move ourselves over to Mozambique to be Jesus to His children.  We will wash their feet, because He washed ours first.  We will show them the Father’s love, because He called us to.  We will raise our girls in a land that is not their own, because our Father asks us to.  And maybe that is the point.  Living our lives, poured out in service, to whomever God puts before us.  Showing His love.  Being His hands.  Washing their feet.  Because He asks us to.  Walking in worship.

For more information about the Bell family and their ministry check out Maforga Christian Mission and follow the Bells on Facebook.


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