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We have a winner!!  Congrats Rebecca!!! {Winner # selected on I’m throwing a Funky Fish Giveaway today- 1.5 day only to win this stunning bracelet.   I will randomly select the winner tomorrow morning (since I was late posting) and announce your name here on the post. Dawn Patterson is the founder of Funky Fish and ALL the cool kids on the block are wearing them! She travels Friday to Africa and continues her mission to train women how to make Funky Fish jewelry.  I’m so proud to call Dawn my friend and fellow advocator for women in crisis all over the world.

Charm bracelets are Funky Fish newest addition to her Tesfa jewelry collection.  The profits from Tesfa jewelry collection benefit the orphans in Zeway, Ethiopia as part of the Hope in Ethiopia partnership.  One bracelet will feed a child for one month.  One necklace will feed, clothe, house & educate a child for one month.  Our new charm bracelets will do all of that plus provide medical care for one month.

How do I win?

It’s easy, just leave me a comment on my blog and let me know why you want this Funky Fish bracelet.  Also- pick 1 of the following:

    1. Go to Funky Fish Blog and be a new follower. (don’t forget to say hi to Dawn)
    2. Add the new Funky Fish button on your blog.
    3. Shout out about Funky Fish on your blog or Facebook.

How this Funky Fish journey began…..
In 2003, as a brand new Christian, Funky Fish was born.  I knew two things…I loved making jewelry and I loved my God.  I had no idea the adventures that would be in store for my little business.  Many times I thought it was time to hang up the beading pliers but God always said “No”.
It wasn’t until May of 2009 that I really began to see what God would have me do with the gift He had given me.  He wanted me to give back.  It started with making jewelry for causes…cancer awareness, autism awareness, etc.  Then I found out about a village in Zeway, Ethiopia.  I asked God if there was anything I could do with the hands he had given me to help the sweet orphans in Zeway.  Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to paper beads by my dear friends mom.  The wheels started to spin.  I envisioned a necklace with paper beads and a pendant with Africa on it.
People talk about humble beginnings.  It’s safe to say that we started on our knees.  Literally.  We crawled around on the floor and picked up scraps of sterling silver from my jewelry business (yes, I am that messy) to sell on Ebay to get supplies. In November 2009, I sat down with my dear friend Cathy and we played with these beads.  We priced the items to meet “needs”…one bracelet would feed a child for a month, a necklace would feed, clothe, house & educate a child for a month.  We sold our first necklace on December 31st, 2009 and were beyond thrilled.  We scheduled beading days.  We joked and said we would “bead till we bleed” for these orphans.  We fantasized about how if we made and sold 50 bracelets a week, we could raise $25,000.  We were dreaming big.
As of last week, we have sold $23,685 worth of “The Hope in Ethiopia” jewelry.  I believe God will take us past $25,000.  There are no words to describe this journey God has allowed us to be on.
There are few joys in this life greater than giving.  He gave me these hands and as long as He will allow me to use them, I will continue to give.  Some of my favorite ministries are Project Hopeful & Because Every Mother Matters.  I’ve been blessed to be able to make jewelry for them to help raise money & awareness.
To God be the Glory….always!

Funky Fish Blog- click here

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