Have you been looking for an easy way to fundraise without all the hassle, stress, and financial commitment it takes to raise funds for your adoption, mission trips, or orphan care projects?

Well, look no further….we have a brand new option for fundraising with Simply Love and Man Up products called Easy Tees’y! All you have to do is purchase the Simply Love Kit and hand the reigns over to us. We’ll take care of all your needs in 3 simple steps with our new Easy Tees’y option! All you have to do is purchase the Simply Love Kit and hand the reigns over to us. We’ll take care of all your needs in 3 simple steps with our new Easy Tees’y option!

How Do I Start Using the Simply Love Fundraising Program?

STEP 1: Purchase the Simply Love Kit for $79 to have exclusive rights to print our 20+ stunning graphic designs. STEP 2: Once your account is setup, you will receive an email with the PDF Fundraising Kit. It’s a one-stop-shop to help you with every aspect of the fundraising process and effective for as long as you are raising funds. STEP 3: We set up your store site, print Simply Love and Man Up products, ship out your orders-all with the new Easy Tees’y fundraising option.

What is Easy Tees’y?

  • Once you purchase the Simply Love Kit, you can start fundraising with our Easy Tees’y option. We start your design, the same we would any custom order.  We take the art details you have in mind, create a custom design, and email it to you for approval.  Once we have approval, we’re ready to start your website.  We’ll give you a quote on what we’ll charge for the products.  
  • From there, you’ll set the price however you’d like, and you determine how long you’d like to site to run.  We get the website up and running, and all you have to do is direct people to it.  We handle the online payment transactions and sizes so you don’t have to.  Once the site closes down, we’ll print and bag everything individually, which makes getting everything to the right place as easy as possible.  
  • Once it’s all said and done, we just mail you a check for the difference in what we charge and what you sold.  It’s designed to make fundraising as easy as possible for you, and it’s had great results so far.

Purchase the Kit Here & Start Fundraising Today!

What Makes Simply Love Fundraising Kit So Unique? 

After answering hundreds of emails on My Crazy Adoption Blog about fundraising for adoption, 5 years ago, I partnered with a local printing business and created the Simply Love Kit to help adoptive families raise their funds. Now, anyone can use the Kit for fundraising needs: adoption, foster care, missions, and orphan care projects.

The gear will create buzz and momentum for your fundraising by involving your friends, workplace, youth group, family, and church.  It is proven to raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We offer 25 exclusive \’country shapes\’ and 20 unique designs! Simply Love is featured in two documentary films and showing up all over the world! Films: Spreading Hope and Man Up and Go the movie.

The Simply Love Kit includes:

  • 20+ exclusive graphic designs to choose from, including 25 country shapes:  USA, China, Africa, Nepal, Haiti, Russia, India, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Philippians, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Sierra Leone [and more]
  • Step-by-step fundraising help with our new option Easy Tees’y. We can help you with of all your fundraising needs in 3 simply steps.

What is Simply Love?


To bless women and orphan’s heart, soul, mind, and strength by partnering with bloggers, adoptive families, and organizations to be a part of the solution of living out-loud James 1:27. Trusting steadily in God, hoping unswervingly and loving extravagantly.

My Biggest Fundraising Failure:

When we adopted our beautiful, Zoie Senait from Ethiopia 6 1/2 years ago, we created a special shirt to raise our adoption costs.  Well, my fundraiser was a total disaster and it failed miserably.  We ended up with hundreds of unsold shirts stacked in our garage.

I felt discouraged, stressed, and uncertain how to raise money for our adoption. I was determined to help other families learn from my mistakes how to FUNdraise successfully!

The past 6 years, I have had the honor of supporting and helping hundreds of families fundraise for their adoptions using our exclusive designs.

In 2011, My Crazy Adoption Blog raised over $60,000 for missions projects and caring for orphans with Simply Love products.  God had a different plan for Simply Love and now it’s my gift to you. I want to help eliminate any additional stress during your adoption process and fundraising projects… all the groundwork has been done for you!

Simply Love & Man Up designs were created by a gifted graphic artist with layers of artwork that are beautifully printed on apparel and a variety of gear.

Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Simply Love & Man Up Designs are included in the Fundraising Kit?

  • You can print all of our 20+ exclusive graphic designs on any of the products available with my printing partners. You pick: country shape, products, ink colors, and designs! Shirt Examples Only-THIS IS NOT A STORE: 

Protect and Love the Fatherless LogoMan Up Superman Tee1223-320x333Man Up and Go  Simply Love tee shirtunnamed-8 unnamed-11unnamed-5 unnamed-7 unnamed-9 unnamed-10

Purchase the Kit Here & Start Fundraising Today

*This is a one time only payment of $79.00 for exclusive rights to Simply Love and Man Up products.

Can I create my own country shape for my gear?

  • Yes, we can custom design your own exclusive Simply Love Country. If you request a brand new country we have not yet created, we add the name of your choice in the design as a place of honor for your child. The names are placed on the front of the shirt, blended into the graphic design.
  • No, you cannot change the original artwork of our designs, but you can put any customized logos, verses, etc on the backs or sleeves and make it your own.

The Top 10 Sellers: 

  1. Simply Love & Man Up Tees
  2. Tote Bags
  3. Zip Hoodies
  4. Hats
  5. Coffee Tumblers & Mugs
  6. Polka dot Umbrellas (adorable!)
  7. Cups & Water bottles
  8. Blankets
  9. Rubber snap watches
  10. Journals


Like it? Is it helpful? If so, I have two simple requests:

  • Let me know. Share your feedback in the comments or contact me directly at karigib@gmail.com.
  • Help spread the word. Pass this link along to the entire universe.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you start the journey of a lifetime making the difference in the life of an orphan! I can’t wait to hear about your own fundraising success story.

Original Simply Love™ art was created by Heidi Rohr

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