{Guest Series} Finding My Faith On The Journey of Life

My Life Is Crazy Too is a series of reader submissions. Your life is a story. This is your opportunity to share about loving big in marriage, family, and faith to provide understanding, hope, and compassion in the unique situations each of us face in our every-day life. If you would like to submit a story to this series, please email me at connect on the blog. Today’s guest is, Alexie.

Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the STORY of your love. Psalms 89:1

The past few months have been a whirlwind of adventures filled with many twisted roads, pitfalls, and roadblocks. I transferred campuses at the beginning of the year, which opened many doors of great trials and even greater opportunities. I finished out my sophomore semester with a higher GPA than I ever thought I was capable of achieving and I got the pleasure of meeting some new people, while growing closer to the Lord at the same time.

I have been learning that God has thought out and chosen the best path for each one of us to journey on and that our lives are more fulfilling while we remain on that path and in the center of His will.

Through this journey, God has been showing His goodness in more ways than I can put into words. Let me tell you beloved, He is so good. In His magnificence and majesty, He created the universe, and then in His loving-kindness, He became so tender and personal that He chose to create you and me with the desire to live every moment of our lives with us, while caring about every detail and giving us the choice to let Him be a part of them.

He waits patiently for us to turn to Him and ask Him to do the very thing He is longing to do. He gives us the choice to choose Him or our own path. Do not get me wrong, I have my moments where it is hard for me to see God as good and to remain on the course He has led me to; many times, I have wanted to throw my hands up in the air, sit down, and give up. I have faced moments where I was so overwhelmed by the course work at school, the everyday struggles we all often face in life, and some painful memories from my past that sprang up and tried to knock me out of the battle and I began to lose hope.

I too grow weary in my walk with God and complain about the path that He has asked me to travel. However, He remains patient and loving toward me.

There is not a day that goes by that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is not right there with me facing each battle head on. When I find myself knocked down and lying flat on back, feeling defeated and overwhelmed, I began to study the view and I have seen that sometimes, God allows us to be knocked down in order for us to see that this is the very best position we can be in to look up and look to Him for help.

The very moment I chose to look to Him and asked for His help, He gently reaches down to me, lifts me off the ground, dusts me off, and reaffirms to me that He has an amazing plan for my life.

Going into the summer, I thought knew what that plan was. I thought that I was supposed to get a full time job, make some money, and work until school started, but God had other plans for me, which He slowly began to reveal to me, one lighted step at a time. His plan, however, was much different. It has included leading me up a path of seeking a deeper relationship with Him and trusting Him for all of my needs, which has included financial provision, emotional healing, and wisdom to hear His heart, even when He is silent.

I have to say, He has been faithful every step of the way, even when I was not faithful to Him. Not only that, but His provisions have come in the most creative and unexpected ways.

Every good journey requires companions and the Lord knew I would need some strong ones. He has surrounded me with a small group of women, and even a few men, who continually pour into me with their friendships, their love, and their support. They continually show me on a daily basis that who I am, the woman God created me to be, is worthy of love and all that love entails, including loving others with the same love I am continually being shown.

They are His hands and feet in my life and they are the reason I am continually growing closer to God and learning who He created me to be. God knows every need we have before we ask Him and beloved, He already knows how He wants to provide, and I believe that many times, He is just waiting for us to ask Him.

I am continually learning that He cares about every detail of our lives, including the small requests in our hearts that often goes unasked. Whatever situation, circumstance, or trial you are in right now, I want to encourage you, do NOT give up. Look to Him, reach out, and ask for His help. He is right there with you, ready to listen to your heart and willing and able to provide for EVERY need that you have!

God created YOU for such a time as this, to rise up and take hold of your identity as God’s beloved!

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