Egg heads, building teams, and being grateful for the small things

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We are wrapping up another week serving mission teams at Hope Central. They are coming fast and furious. The village of Mateare (are you falling in love yet?) is buzzing with daily building activity and priceless family time as they study the Word of God with teams. I love watching the Nicas and Gringos working side by side, heart to heart. I am grateful to be a tiny part of watching change happen and pouring into the people of Nicaragua the past few months. Honestly, I’m struggling in my heart with a few heavy things and would like to ask for your prayers. I hope you know that blogging on the mission field pumps energy into my life. It’s not about me is my constant concern, but sharing stories with you about serving without limits. Please pray that God will continue to use my gifts and talents He gave me in special ways, even when it’s small, and behind the scenes. This year of missions has opened my eyes wide open on the message of service. I’m working on a few special posts dedicated to serving on the mission field and right in your own backyard (moms!) wherever you live in this big, wide world. Serving is not my love language or my strength, but He has called me to serve for this season in my life. What are steps to learn how to be better servants in any God-adventure He calls us to do?




“How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but can start right NOW to gradually change the world!” -Anne Frank
daddy egg head

My hubs, Roger celebrated his 44th birthday in Nicaragua and found out the hard-boiled way that there’s a special tradition here cracking eggs on the birthday victim. The kids loved smacking their dad with three eggs on his head for this very special day! I think this should give him an extra 44 years of good luck.

What are some of your birthday traditions? I’d love to hear from you today … if you have any questions about mission trips or how to serve where you live, leave a comment. Thank you for following our adventure and supporting our family!



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